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I have noticed in every training session that the muscles along my lumbar spine are much much tighter than all of the other muscles in my posterior chain. I haven't been able to find any videos on the vimeo page that specifically target the fascia of the lumbar spine. I was wondering if you could help direct me to the videos that you think would be the most helpful. Also, are there any videos of fascial release techniques for the lumbar spine? I'm really struggling to get a good stretch through that area.


Thanks for all the great vids and all the great info on the forums! :) 


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As Shane is pointing to in the second video above, the keys to lumbar tension are two: stretch quadratus lumborum (and we have a bunch of those; this muscle required to be lengthened in lateral flexion combined with flexion, and when latissimus dorsi is added, then the thoracolumbar fascia is worked as well):




And as Craig mentions, that specific lumbar fascia release is part of Master the Pike series. 


Last, spend some time looking around here: this is what I found when I searched for "lumbar fascia":



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Thought I would post in here as I have a similar problem. That whole thoracolumbar region has been locked up and tight for about 3 months. Just happened randomly one day.

Forward flexion and lateral flexion are always tight generally have no rom in the morning but after some limbering can hit my full rom but it's still all locked up and tight.

I've been doing the seated QL lat stretch but it doesn't seem to do much. I can definitely feel how taught the tissues are during though. Even had some deep massage which improved nothing.

Lastly, just recently I have been getting a neural sensation on my right side down at the sacrum. Hip flexion increases the sensation and neck flexion even more so. The most I can feel it is neck flexion, while in hip flexion, knee extension and dorsiflexion of my right leg. So not sure if its so tight down there its compressing a nerve or what.

I have still been able to squat and deadlift with 140kgs+ pain free and perform 40kgs jefferson curls also pain free.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like the slump test! It tensions the posterior chain of nerves with yhr sciatic nerve the focus. In other words, expect this position to cause nerve related feelings e.g. tingling. As long as the feelings reproduced are not the same as a problem you are having with activities i wouldn't worry.

What may have happened is your QL may have affected the nerve roots (as many nerve roots exit the spinal cord here). Probably just some inflammation which will settle soon.

If it begins to become painful and radiates down the back of the leg then that is a different story. If you begin to have muscle weakness, loss of sensation or abnormal/reduced reflexes then go see a doc/physio asap!

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