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Hi Guys,


25 year old active male here hoping to get some advice. I have very exaggerated spinal curves (Picture Below) that developed during my teenage years as a result of some awful sitting/sleeping habits. This has lead to some postural issues such as anterior pelvic tilt, kyphosis,rounded shoulders, forward head etc.


It is really effecting my sport, gym and mobility work and I would deeply love to think that this issue can be reversed and am willing to do whatever it takes really. The issue is, that physios and PT's have not been able to help!


I have begun sleeping on my back with only 1 pillow under my head. This, combined with postural awareness throughout the day and foam rolling/ peanut mobilisation has helped, but only seems to be taking me so far.


I would love to hear some peoples thoughts on the issue and if you think it can be reversed? If so, how would you go about it and what resources would help? For instance, I am quite sceptical of chiropracters and don't want to fall into the trap of paying for instant relief but not seeing long term results...


Would love to hear Kit's thoughts on this and also some advice on which of his series' would be most applicable!?


Any thoughts appreciated :)







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Your parter will be delighted! :)


David: everything you need to start is right there in the two posts above. Get a stretching partner (don't tell us you can find one!!!) and go to work!



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