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Working the outside of the ankle (inversion, supination; essential for parallel–feet side splits, and Pu Bu)


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I agree; pinning the ball is almost a waste of time; it is the inherent movement that one is trying to accommodate. Slowing the speed of the ball's reactions is the key to mastery here, in the ways Miss O suggests. And acquiring this skill is never linear, either, so please persevere!

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I've been working on my ankle strength on and off since switching to barefoot shoes 7 years ago. I also haven't sprained my ankle in 7 years. There have been points where hiking or playing a sport I've felt it roll, but with barefoot shoes the reaction is so fast my body just rolls it right back.


Lately I've been experimenting with a few ways to increase both my active and passive range in my ankle. Usually I start with walking first on my toes with my calf extended as much as possible, then with the toes up on he heels, then inversion and finally the funny waddle I do on the inside of my ankle. After this I do what's in this video and then using stairs I do some calf raises trying to go into as full a range as possible. I will use my arms to add more pressure to stretch the calf at the bottom and then at the top I use my arms again to go up onto my toes. After that I try to make the biggest circle possible with my knee which means I have to roll into inversion then into a calf stretch then onto the inside. Here I use a wall to balance. It allows me to feel the tight lines as I work my way around. Next it's onto a tailors pose squat trying to keep my lateral malleolus on the floor for as long as possible. I finish with ankle circles in the air trying to use my whole range and keep it smooth. I've been thinking of making a video if anyone is interested.

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