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Front Splits: Four Pulse Preps, taught by Olivia


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newbiew here


my favourite is also the piriformis pulsing (# 3 exercise)

really helps me square the by bringin the hind leg forward.


i don't know if i'm doing correctly cause i feel nothing in #1 (hip flexor) :-(

(i do use a yoga bolster as instructed)



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Pam, we'd need to see you doing it to offer advice. Get someone to video you (camera phone fine, set up a free YouTube account, and link it here).

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Hi Olivia and Kit,

Great video, thanks. I really like this format. Like 'chunking' with a common theme and method. Would love to see more (such as partner stretching for front splits, pulses for backbend (???)). I also like the personal side that this is what you've been working on, it's nice.

I've been managing an old injury flare up the last few months so have not been focused on training for gains. That's cleared up now and looking forward to sinking my teeth into this, along with some of the ballistic stuff I've been reading about in here.

In the meantime I've been playing around with pulses in other stretches and thought I would share a significant (for me) experience. A few years ago I had chronic shoulder pain (following a poorly rehabbed accident/operation 10yrs previous). This is what first brought me to the mastery series. While there was great improvement there was always strong pain when performing the arm behind head stretch. The pain was in the high bicep tendon area. So I decided to try coming in to the stretch (ignoring the pain - I know this is not recommended, but I was well and truly familiar with it), going through a few c and r cycles to reach my deepest point (very intense pain now) and then strongly contracting the shortened side of the joint allowing me to remove the top hand. Then applying effort to perform 10 pulses moving in and out of a deeper range. Sometimes I think I see movement. Sometimes I think I feel movement but don't see any. Sometimes I think just the intention is enough. A few things happened the first time I did this. Crazy cramps in the high rear shoulder area (have been embracing the cramp lately, so no issues with that). The pain I had been experiencing stopped completely during the first strong contraction. As long as I use this pulse technique once a week the pain stays away, if I skip it the pain I get is diminished - I think it's just a time thing. I am now making progress with my range. Still not even with the other side, but lasting progress. Not too sure what happened. I suspect my internal regulators are satisfied I can control the shortened side of the joint and is now happy to open up the lengthened side. Who knows, just thought I'd share.

Hi everyone. Long time creeper, first time poster. Nice place you have here.


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Welcome, Mark H. My many experiences with problem parts/line is like this:

1. Injury, or awareness of (usually) sudden restriction accompanied with pain > 2. movement of the parts, accompanied by mild to severe pain, sometimes different to the original pain > 3. increase in movement, but no real decrease in pain > 4. movement with no pain suddenly. Most folk stop at 2., or 3. This is a pity, because if you persevere, the body gets with the program. This has been my experience many, many times.

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On 2015-9-17 at 8:36 AM, Tris said:


This, ixed with the new range and freedom coming out of H2T's "first two weeks of pain", is pure voodoo. I am in absolute awe of how different my body feels.

What does H2T's mean?

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