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Coffee effecting flexibility and joints?

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Hey friends,


I'd be interested in your views or experiences with coffee and its effects on flexibility or joint mechanics. I've heard some Yoga people talk about coffee negatively effecting flexibility. It kinda makes sense as coffee stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and thus increases muscle tone.


Moreover, Paul Chek talks about coffee leading to faulty joint mechanics due to its effect on connective tissues in this video:


(at about 12:30 min)


Personally I've never really gone longer periods without coffee so I have no clue if it would make a difference but I'm highly interested in your experiences.

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My brother had lots of joint issues which he blamed on coffee.  Hard to say though, because he was drinking iced coffee, which is packed full of other goodies (like a billion tonnes of sugar).  At any rate, he quit the iced coffees and the issues went away!

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I will admit I have not watched the 18 minute video nor do I intend to. My general feeling around Chek is that he might have alot of useful information to share, but my b******t detector also goes off a little too often, for me to invest the necessary time to sift through it, looking up other references is labour and reading intensive. I would be interested if he put more of his work in to an old fashioned book instead. Does he have observations to support his claim?


Also, I have a problem with statements like X causes Y or Z (it is much to linear), when clearly many many things are at play. That is not to suggest that coffee cannot be a problem, only that all other things being equal it is a fairly benign substance, and many other things of a higher order is at work here.


 Coffee is a stimulant. And there seem to be large individual differences in tolerance. If you have a problem with coffee its (supposed)  effects on joint mechanics is probably the least of your worries ie. I would think GI distress and alteration of sleep would be higher on that list.


From a stretching perspective: Coffee does give a jolt to the system, from my perspective that is actually working for me. Presently the time is around 7 am, I am having my morning joe, in an hour or two I will do this days stretching. Having a cup or two of coffee definitely helps me get up and feel like doing work ie. it feels less like an insult to stretch. I still have to pay attention to how my body feels, which body part I am using to stretch some other body part. 

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@Frederik: that's why I wrote he talks about that at about 12:30 ;)


No worries, I won't give up my coffee anytime soon, the statement just raised my curiosity as it wasn't the first time I had heard something like this.


@Craig: Do you mean me? Actually I tried to upload a couple of pics but they were all to big and then I forgot about it.

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The last time I checked, there have been 20,000+ studies into possible deleterious effects of coffee—and, IIRC, zero in the way of conclusive results. And on the contrary, many positive benefits have been found in this process of trying to find the problems! As a seed, with various treatments applied, why should we not expect that coffee contains many phytonutrients in addition to the drug we love? 

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