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The second in this new series is now live.

A technical note: the two-shot camera was not focused (the image was completely soft), so I decided to edit this program differently. We shoot in 1080p only these days, and master in that HD format, before outputting at 720p (there is no visual difference if viewing on a computer or anything smaller, and the files are half the size). This means we have considerable latitude in the look of the final program.

So, this time, I reframed both the closeups on the other two cameras in FCPX, and I am happy with the results. I have made a 160kb/second podcast too; link below. And our thanks to Cherie Seeto and Ken Lamb for the use of their lovely space, with its abundant natural light. 

The thread we talk about is relinked here, too, below.

Vimeo (free download):




The Forum thread we discuss:


Comments very welcome. DW will be starting a new thread so you can post conversation topics; I think this is a great idea. 



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I loved the first one.

I will look forward to hearing this once I get home. I was stretching for the entire time throughout last time - I plan on doing the same this time:D

For Dave: That poncho is awesome, where did you get that?

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JoachimG - from a Temple market, somewhere in Thailand on my Honeymoon!  My wife rolled her eyes and told me not to buy it - I did.  Then, I went back and bought a second one (purple one K wore in first Conversation) for Kit (cue more eye-rolling).  It is made even more awesome by the fact it has twin pockets(!) on the front.  I have no idea what it is, but the only other people I've seen wear them are African Americans and I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with Kwanzaa..  I love it! :) 

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Thanks, another very interesting one. I have to watch it again (and again) though, to try to understand some of the points mentioned (some of the things you talked about I can relate myself to quite strongly).

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Thank you for this, and thank you again for the two book recommendations (Antifragile and Sapiens). The realisation that mind creates everything is already extremely liberating... The first chapter of Sapiens about shared myths was taking me further into this. Myths created in a mind get stronger when shared among similar minds, believed by more people. But it does not mean that they are objective reality - no matter how many people believe in them! 

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Are you planning a specific thread to discuss the things raised during these Coffee Conversations? In the absence of that, I would like to add a couple of comments to the future CC#3:


1. Please can you chat a bit more about Sapiens, and Antifragile? These were so mindblowing to me, I would love to have more discussion. Unfortunately most of my friends whom I keep recommending those two books don't seem so interested in blowing their minds...


2. (actually, related to that) what makes a good student. A Chinese proverb says, "when the student is ready, the teacher appears". The student must be thirsty for knowledge, must have questions (or feeling that something is not quite right or incomplete in his belief system, his view of the world). Then any experience, event, encounter, even a book can become a great teacher.


If there is no such thirst, I believe even a great teacher won't be effective. "cup full" is another saying popularly attributed to the Chinese


(having said that, I loved Kit's saying from a previous audio rec that you cannot make horse drink water but you can make it thirsty...)

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