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Book with test for the lenght and the strenght of the muscles


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Hello guys,


I want to konow that there are some books that explain the test for the lenght and the strenght of the all muscles in the body.

The target is to know the muscles and understand my lenght and strenght of my muscles. Thanks...

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I am not entirely sure what is you want to use this knowledge for, or perhaps I do not understand why you want to know the "length and strength" just consider this:

- almost no movements are action brought on by a single muscle in isolation.

- the attachment points differ from person to person

- vis-a-vis strength there is some range of "normal" for an untrained person, strength is a trainable attribute, no book can tell you how strong your bicep is for instance.


What I really take you to be saying is: I want to gain an understanding of the biomechanics and physiology related to strength training. Is this correct?


If so, finding good texts is a reasonably straight-forward process and my go solution with any subject is to find scan through amazon, or similar, read the reviews, is the book talking about something you want to learn? Then loan a book or two on a public library if you are constrained monetarily before you decide on which text books to buy.


That said these are not easy to understand subjects or light reads (please read through previous posts about biochemistry).   People choose to go university to understand some this subject matter in depth, this is not a conincidence. Also for biochemistry check out Khans academy and similar youtube videos for online learning.


Hope this helps.

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"The target is to know the muscles and understand my lenght and strenght of my muscles. "

No book on the planet has this information. To understand your own body you need to practice with it in many ways, paying detailed attention to how it responds. People build entire systems around this kind of practice. You could read every bio mechanics book ever made and you would be precisely 0 steps closer to understanding your own body.

Testing capacity is relative to what capacity you want. Are your muscles strong enough to leap and dance like a ballet performer? Go train with one and find out. Are they strong enough to lift heavy weights? Find a strongman, train with them, find out. Strong enough to bound and labs precisely like a traceur? Even the ballet people probably can't do this. Strength is relative to the task at hand, and requires appropriate coordination to work.

Burn the books, use all the time you would reading to sign up at a local class of some variety. You will learn more

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