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Alchemical Stretching - Sagittal Plane Hip Openers Vol. 1


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Hi Every body,

The first of the Alchemical Stretching series VODs is almost complete and will be coming out this weekend.  It will likely be a suite of new, strong hip opening stretches with Physical Alchemy flavour. 


New Stretches featured:

• 'Kali-ma!' Hip Flexor Stretch

• Siesta Hip Flexor Stretch

• Siesta Modified Front Splits


The stretches will be easily understandable by people with a background in ST or other quality stretching disciplines.  Nevertheless, have a read of my Alchemical Stretching article for the flavor in which I utilize these stretches. 


More to come. 



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In this clip the four of us are having a bit of fun (I will emphasize that everybody in the clip is an advanced practitioner - in fact all teachers and practitioners - this type of stretch is not for beginners). 


'The Human Chariot' whilst recorded in humour, is actually quite a potent Body Tessellation level stretch within the Physical Alchemy syllabus. I will form an "official" version at some stage with (slightly) less humour and stuffing around - and with proper cuing.



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