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Craig's Resting Positions and Transitions


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Hey everyone,


Next program is up:



As always, welcome the feedback!


There will be a follow up to this program added at some point in the future, along with a discussion with Kit around why he thinks this is one of the bestest things I've done.


Article on the topic here for those interested: http://awarerelaxedconnected.com.au/basic-unsupported-resting-positions/


Link to the vimeo page because the embedding is being funny:


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Craig, good stuff! When I saw the announcement “Craig’s Resting Positions and Transitions”, my first reaction was “Big deal. I don’t need Craig for that”. Then, while watching the trailer, a whole battery of green lights started flashing. Fantastic! Why did I never think about this?

I could have used these exercises a couple of years ago when I was preparing for crag climbing in Indian Creek (Moab). For the crag climbing there, you need a lot of leg action/control very similar to what you demonstrate (with your foot jammed in the crag, that is). I agree with Kit. This is meta bestest  :)!


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May I add a bit of help on positions. If you want to change your lifestyle to reduce the use of chair, check these two posts by Katy Bowman. On chair-free resting positions (there is a hell of a lot of them) and on her own chair-free and almost furniture-free home:





I have virtually no chairs or sofas in my flat (but plenty of Pilates equipment) and I do not consider sitting on a chair 'rest' any more. It simply feels not natural, and not a rest. It took me a couple of years to adjust, after quitting an office job.

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I actually have no problem with chairs, rather the problem I have is with the extremely high dosage of only chairs. Chairs have their place and you should be able to rest on them also. I know plenty of people who have phenomenal capacity to rest anywhere, and their houses aren't clear of furniture, they just spend lots of time of the ground (as well as some time in chairs).

I'm also not a fan of breaking habits by avoidance. I find it much more powerful to have the option and not go for it rather than not having the option at all.

So instead of no chairs, I think less chairs, and I often sit on the ground even when there are chairs available.

Our choices don't need to be so binary, the world isn't binary after all, despite our best efforts to make it that way

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I am going to be leaving Vimeo due to complications that have arisen with their service and shifting to a new (better) platform. 


If you have purchased my programs already please make sure you download a copy to keep.  There is a download button on every video. You will have to re-purchase them on the new platform if you do not! Vimeo will remain online until New Years Day.


I will post some more details of the new service when I know them myself.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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