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Craig's Ballistic Stretching


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everything I just said I say because it works for me and the people I train, but it may not work for you or I might just be talking garbage.  It's the internet after all and I'm really just a stranger.

Ha ha, that's the best conclusion to any training advice offered online I've ever read.  

However, thanks for some good general tips, I know it's not possible to be more specific, but it helps anyway. Standing pancake holds and pelvic circles in seated pancake both feel right, so I'll start there. 





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4 minutes ago, Casey said:

@Craigis There a way to access this course still? Seems valuable and well liked. I’d love to get a hold of it. 

Hi Casey,

It looks like the uscreen page for the course is still accessible here, but I would be careful about purchasing since Craig has removed all of the old courses from his current site. If he doesn't reply here, I would contact him directly - his info is on his contact page.

Alternatively, Emmet Louis has some excellent, free material on YouTube: Emmet's Blackboard: Ballistic stretchingHead to Toe stretching, and BALLISTIC Pancake Stretching Routine ft Emmet Louis.

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@Kit_L The picture of your face I think I screen capped from the conversation you had with Dave when he asked how that epic ballistic experiment you were doing when Fred was in Australia. The base meme is from Lord of the rings



That Tache was epic btw it should come back.


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On 9/6/2021 at 5:59 PM, Kit_L said:

@Craig A crackup of an image! Where did you get the base image from? This really made me laugh!

What Emmet said! It's from the coffee shop conversation you filmed with Dave where you were talking about ballistic stretching for some amount of days in a row. Good times :D

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