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I have a problem I've done kit laughlin's hamstring stretch. It's fantastic!! The problem is that I seem to make progress but then the next day when I wake up I notice that my hamstrings have become tense again and I've lost the previous flexibility that I had gained the day before.

How do I resolve this problem?

Thank you

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Rinse and repeat. Your body's pattern of tension is a habit it has learned over many years. To undo this pattern will require lots of effort. Basically you need to repeat it enough that it sets in the body permanently.

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Stretching too strongly, in a way...

The strong stretches in Kit's methods can cause microscopic damage to the muscles. It is probably this microscopic damage that tells the muscle to grow longer. For a few days after the strong stretches, the muscles will be more tender, weaker, and will get easily irritated if you try to stretch them hard again. In this period you should take things more gently - let them recover for a few days. Do hard stretches not more than 2x/week. Gentler stretches can however be done as often as you want.

If a muscle is tighter at a certain time after stretching, you are stretching too hard or too often. Go more gently, until you can do your strong stretches about 2x/week.

If you become more flexible after a period of not stretching, then you have been stretching too hard or too often.

Please note that this is quite a different view from Craig's. My view assumes that you have already by practice learned to overcome any inbuilt pattern of tension, and are now working to make the muscles remodel themselves physically. Clearly, that takes time if you are an adult who has stopped growing.


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If the hamstrings instantly went back to the deepest stretch you reached in the last stretching session on the following morning, and stayed that way, then getting super flexible would very easy. Alas, the body does not work that way.

Also, when you begin working on your flexilibity you will typically notice that you are less flexibile in the morning and more in the evening. Also, even with out any obvious explanation there will be a day to day variation. This is not a straight/ linear process. I would invite you to read any of the excellent how-to threads on the forums to get a better understanding of how the process works.

Other than that I would not be disheartened, the physical adaptation which becomming more flexible is, does take time, this is just a small pebble on the road.

take care.


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