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Physical Alchemy Recommended Reading 'Library'


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At the request of K. I have added a link to my Physical Alchemy 'Library' (Recommended Reading List).

The oral teachings I have been blessed enough to encounter in my life from my three Teachers are the highest form of knowledge I have received (and that information does not exist in any books).

These texts are the nearest possible approximation extant in textual form, and there are some great books that completely shifted my perspective here. I hope you find something to enjoy:



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Yes, it is the core text of my approach, in fact.  I had a number of very interesting things occur from reading that 'holy tome' - one of which was the startling insight into precisely how to integrate all the seemingly disparate oral teachings, practices and exercises I had accumulated in my transmutation up to that point. 


The reading of that text probably marks the point where I started practicing Physical Alchemy rather than pure Stretch Therapy.. there were other 'events' before this, and the name came much earlier, but it would be a fitting turning point. 

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Here is a new diagram that functions simultaneously as the recommended reading page of the Physical Alchemy manual/book that is currently being written and as an exercise in re-patterning on its own.  It is also the basis of another re-patterning exercises.



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