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Craig's Wrist Conditioning


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PS: adjusted the price of this program and the spinal waves to account for the shifting US dollar (I can only set the price in USD unfortunately :().

When you go to buy the program, you'll click on purchase. It will be a nice button, with lots of fancy graphics. It will ask you for about three fiddy. It's at that time you will realize that instead of buying a wrist conditioning series, you're actually talking to an

, and you'll say "MONSTER! GET OFF MY YARD, I AINT GIVIN YOU NO DAMN THREE FIDDY!" God damned loch ness monster always tryin to get your three fiddy!
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For those who bought this and want to go through it daily as recommended, so you don't have to continuously watch it, the set is:

Forward/Back/Inside/Outside = FBIO

First Knuckle Palm Down:

FBIO x 5 each

First Knuckle Palm Up:

FBIO x 5 each

Straight Hand Palm Down:

FBIO x 5 each

(Straight Hand Palm Up is mentioned as an optional exploration, but not demonstrated. Recommend FBIO x 5 each if you are going to do this)

Fingertip Pushups x 10

Seal Pushups x 10

Exorcist Pushups x 10

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I am going to be leaving Vimeo due to complications that have arisen with their service and shifting to a new (better) platform. 


If you have purchased my programs already please make sure you download a copy to keep.  There is a download button on every video. You will have to re-purchase them on the new platform if you do not! Vimeo will remain online until New Years Day.


I will post some more details of the new service when I know them myself.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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