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Hello Every Body,

This is latest video is a sort-of second part to the '3 Phase Stretching Diagram' Video I posted a fortnight ago. This clip goes more into my approach to Alchemical Stretching, the Re-Patterning Effect and some of the parameters that can be dialed so as to bring about the Alchemical Stretching State.

Let me know what you think.


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I was fun watching you scrabble for words to express the inner feeling of being in the "sweet spot"! That said I think you found a few that definitely struck a chord with me. I dont know if you say this verbatim, but around 7:30+ the concepts of what the body (trying to get used to the feeling esp with breathing) and mind (able to experience for as long as possible something it thought was not possible) and I think somewhere in all that the idea of avoiding failure/needing to bail (knowing 3-5 more breaths is doable but will definitely be "enough").


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