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Well, i hope not to become a grunting immovable stone from this new weight training. ;)

Another question, Emmet. I heard, in circus they're using wrist wraps. I have seen some acrobatic gymnast tops on world cups wearing them also. Would you recommend to use them in our training or is there any disadvantage i am not yet aware of? 

edit: Maybe someone could move this stuff in another thread? Don't want to board this one with my unrelated questions. 

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Re:wrist wraps

They're a good training aid. I'd try do some of the session with out and then put them on when you feel like you need the support. I like the cf style wrist wraps. I use them in reverse put them on at the start of my session and take them off as I'm warmed up.

This style is good, I think strengthshop.de would have them



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