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Hi everyone,

I'll be doing lots of work this year to film some VOD tutorials based on all of my various trainings and practises. So I figure I would just ask what people want!

So far I have planned:

  1. Hanging (passive, active, brachiation)
  2. Resting Positions and Transitions (stand, squat, kneel, sit, lie, some knee tracking basics)
  3. Spinal Awakening (oscillation, undulation and waves in 3 planes through every joint)
  4. Balance (balancing bipedal + squats)
  5. Sloth (crawling under a bar + basic pulling)
  6. Cat (balancing Quadrupedal + pushing)
  7. Standing Push/Pull Mechanics
  8. Quadrupedal Push/Pull Mechanics
  9. Rib Cage Articulation (in quadrupedal and brachiation)
  10. Circles (joint protection and basic 3D strength in standing, hanging and quadrupedal)
  11. Springs (joint protection and basic springing strength in standing, hanging and quadrupedal)
  12. Perhaps a short linear wrist protection tutorial

Which one of these are people most interested in and is there anything that you would prefer i cover? I'm not too interested in replicating already existing material so would prefer to stick to the things that are somewhat unique to my and my group's practice.

Let me know! No need to type it out, just refer to the number above.

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Here are some things I prepared earlier:

- Basic kicks, almost exactly as I learned them.

http://physicalalchemy.com.au/guest-blog-2-craig-mallet-arctraining-on-zhan-zhuang-standing-meditation-practice/ - an article I wrote for dave about standing meditation

http://urbandaouk.blogspot.com.au/ - One of my teachers talking lots of good things about Dao

- Stance work (look its bendy dave!)
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That list is looking very nice Hammer.

I am also doing a few tutorials/instructions, as follows:

1) "5 Necks" - Strength-awareness-control, flexibility and sensory enhancement for the 5 necks [2 x wrist-neck, 2 x ankle-neck, 1 x neck neck]

2) Physical Alchemy Variant Partner Stretches - I have a number of very effective improvements, modifications and variations on some of the ST favourites (and some new stuff).

3) Fascial-emphasis Stretches

4) 'Freeing the Pelvic Bowl'

5) 'Freeing the Breath'

6) RollStretch Material (With Kit on this one)

7) Odds and Ends - Dave's visceral organ work exercises, Dave's limbering from the cushion [zafu] exercises, some other stuff that doesn't fit in the other sections.

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Hi Maarten,

It's on the list! I'm just working out the format for recording (which I think I've sorted), so I'll start churning things out quickly once the process is in place. First round of test filming occurred yesterday, video is looking great!

By high volume I mean: train every day with exceptions for injury/illness. DOMS is not the same as injury, so you train even with DOMS. If you run through the whole set with 20r or so on each element, it will take ~45mins to do. My coach often talked about doing 2 hours non-stop, but I've never actually done it. Then again, I'm no where near as proficient at this as my coach is, so it might be worth investigating this method :)

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Freeing the Breath is a syllabus of stretches and soft tissue exercises I am designing specifically to work the primary (diaphragm) and auxiliary breathing musculature, and vectors that can restrain full breathing. It is not going to have specific pranayama or breathing practices in it, but will have Directed Breathing drills from specific stretches. It will likely focus mainly upon removing blocks and inhibition of the varies breathing apparatus in the body.

This will be the last of the above downloadables I make... I have some really cool exercises and variants of other ST exercises, but am missing some pieces of the puzzle.. my research continues!

I am quite sure Craig will put out some Dynamic/Active Flexibility stuff.

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OH SNAP BENDY DAVE HAS ENTERED THE ARENA! you guys need to have a bend-off ASAP

In on topic news, filmed the passive and active hang tutorials tonight. voice recording and editing to be done over the weekend, hopefully the program will be ready next week! pew pew.

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