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Comments re. forthcoming class videos (reposted from Mastery thread)


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To add to the list, we will be making a follow-along anti-pronation ("fix flat feet") program too.


Hi Kit,


Just out of curiosity, do you happen to have any background reading on this possible theory to fixing pronated foot position? As a Podiatrist i would be very interested in reading about this as on the whole the general protocol to helping a pronated foot is really conservative treatment involving insoles

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Casper, have you read the anti-pronation thread?




This is not a theory; this is practise, with results. I feel that the traditional approach of podiatry can help some foot problems, but will do little to improve the angle at which the body chooses to hold the food, and how gravity is to be resolved at the ankle joint. The brain and the proprioceptors have to be shown a new way, and this has to be directly experienced. I have seen truly amazing changes, but they take time and effort. Age is no barrier, either.


And we have to ask ourselves (as Marcus Aurelius did), "What purpose does it (pronation) serve?" In my view, pronation is simply the result of a lack of neural stimulation (in the absence of pathology). Add the stimulation, and a new trajectory is created. The body does not care either way, either.

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I support captainfleas with my two hands and all the power that I have.

I don't know why but when I read the book I first read the whole text about the exercise, then start to do it and read it row by row and the process become very slow and I always feel like didn't do it right. I haven't any issue with "master the ... " programs.
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42 minutes ago, Dtaylor.shaut said:

Would it be possible to film a front splits Mastery series? I like all of the current films. They are great and so thorough. To me, the front splits would really complete the package. Just my two cents. Cheers.


Keep stretching. 


It would be a bit redundant, in my opinion, to shoot an entire series for front splits.

All the body parts that have to be flexible to achieve front splits are addressed in the various Master series that have already been released.  Master the Squat has hip flexor, quad. calf, piriformis stretches, and you can find hamstring (plus more piriformis etc) stretches in Master the Pike, as well as other helpful ones in the backbend series.

There is also a front split 'pulsing' VOD by Liv on the vimeo page that might prove helpful once you've been stretching for a while with ST methods.  Further strategies can be found by searching the forums for key terms.




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