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simple posture tests?

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The posture you display is in no way "bad" - it is not "perfect" either. I would say that a great posture is a truly rare thing to see these days. Most people do a forced sitting/ standing up straight, and use alot of force to pull the shoulders back. An excellent posture is more relaxed and a natural thing. For a detailed description of posture I would recommend, 8 Steps to a Pain Free by Ester Gokhale book. It is great and easy read.

It also contains a fascinating discussion on how anatomy textbooks from the early 1900s essentially display proper posture differently from the contemporary anatomy textbooks. "Normal" and "healthy" have changed. This is highly pertinent to the discussion we have been having regarding natural resting positions.

To main points to emphasize here: the shoulders sit back (rolled back) on the ribs and the behind is behind. Look at this guy: link

Posture is more about awareness than flexibility per se - though loosening the hip flexors is never a bad thing.

Hope that helps.

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Even, I only looked at the first image (slow download at the moment); you have an excellent body. Your shoulders are a little forward of "ideal", and I will bet the farm your hip flexors are tight. No problem!

Standing posture is not, IMHO, very important. Ido does not have perfect standing posture, either—but he can do anything with that body, it seems. The first goal in our work is grace and ease in the body; then we add the layers of what you want to do with the body.

How your feet are positioned when you stand on them is important, though, and a long YT clip goes into this in some detail.

The reason why foot positioning is important is because we live in a sea of gravity—and in most activities the feet are where you start building the structure that works against the tendency for the body to be pulled in to the centre of the Earth.

Short story for most people involved in GST is stretch biceps, pec. minor, hip flexors, and whatever else feels tight. Relaxed and graceful is the goal.

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Ok thanks Kit, I am currently stretching my hip flexors and I already watched your foot sequence, I am pretty happy I dont have calusses on big toe and I have TRIPOD feet! :D But thats why I have toes like glued together currently working on that. :) I love your feet video!

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