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Hello today I will post my workout log because I find it pretty useful to read other people logs, so maybe I will help someone with my type of training.

So to start I want to say that I never trained like this in my past. Before my workouts before were really shitty untill I found out that I was just big ego guy who couldn't say something bad for himself - I guess thats what puberty was for me most. So last summer I got back to basics, I couldn't touch my fingers with my toes and I couldn't do a squat with my heels on the ground but I could do a shitty form back lever hey lol! I trained a lot from last summer and my training intensity went from low - mid - high.

So today:

One arm passive hang 30,20,10 sec alternating hands

One arm active hangs 3x max sec hold

3x4reps oacp pulley sistem with 10 kg

handstand negative push ups 5x3 rep - 10 sec descent

push ups feet elevated hip size body vertical to floor ( lower intensity than negatives for hspu ) 5x8

RTO dips 5x3

Bulg dips 5x5 I was just practicing mobility here because it's really easy for me but I made a topic about it so I am improving my form, video coming soon

dragon flag on bench 5x4 rep

One arm passive 30,20,10 sec

One arm active hangs 3xmax hold

In the end I did 10 min deep squat limbering movements 2x5 mins and I did handstand balance exercises 3 reps each. ( today is not my handstand day)

I like to call this day bent arm strength day - MON, THUR

static arm strength day - TUE, FRI

leg and handstand day - WEDN. SAT

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Today I started my warm up with

yuri mobility sequence,

30 20 10 sec alternating hands passive hang

3 x max active one arm hang

3x12 tuck planche hold 4x35 sec planche lean

3x4 hanging leg raises ( toe to bar )

3x 25 sec tuck fl 1x20 sec

3 x 5 adv tuck fl pulls

4x30 arch body rock

3x5 sec straddle bl

3x25 sec adv tuck bl

After that I again repeated my hanging sequence and did some stretching:

pec wall stretch, latisimus side stretch, butcher hook 3x10 rep with 5 kg, cuban rotation 2.5kg 3x10, stick moving front to back 3x10 2.5 kg

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Wednesday, 5x5 92,5 kg backsquats was really focused on my depth. and deadlift 1 x 5 120 kg dragon flag 3x5. after that I did loaded stretching 3x30 sec 20 kg jefferson curls isometric holds.

3x45 sec sidesplits, 3x30 front splits, 3x10 rep plus last rep hold 30 sec pancake sitting, and standing pancake both done with 10 kg. After that I did piriformis stretches with additional 2.5 kg 3 reps 30 sec holds and tailor pose with 10 kg on my knees 10repsx3 plus last hold 45 sec.

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Yur mob sequence, 1 min one arm hang both arms, 5x5sec active one arm hang

4x4 reps 10 kg oacp pulley

5x3 hspu negatives

5x5 90 hspu was really focused on getting my elbows inward for more triceps activation

RTO dips 3x3

bulg dips 5x5

1 min one arm hang both arms, 5x5sec active one arm hang plus 2x 15 sec german hang

I am missing some swings with my arm will do some ape work next time.

Later in the day I went with my girlfriend playing in the park I did some limbering,crawling and hanging. After that I was just playing with parkour stuff for half hour.

Did a backflip after a looong time, was pretty much without control need to pay attention to my tumbling skills from time to time.

Ah forgot to add 5x5 toe to bar touches after hspu work.

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Sunday squats 92kg 5x5 going really deep, and 125 dl 1x5 and loaded stretching

And today monday was OACP 4x5 reps pulley sistem 10 kg will do with seven and half next week. I will be more concetrated on the strength and not endurance as such so less series and less weight, after that I tried one arm hold but just couldnt do it was to tired. 5x4 elevated hspu even more than hip level now, 4x2 hspu negatives, 3x5 dragon flags need to reduce volume and increase sets next time. 3x4 rto dips and 3x7 bulgarian dips. I am really excited about tommorow because I am really full of energy right now so I will increase my tuck planche hold time and fl and week after this is deload so I will do this as hard as I can.

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5x10 sec tuck planche, 5x45 sec load piriformis

3x25 sec planche lean 3xswiwel hips

5x10 adv tuck front lever 5x20 quad load.

3x6 ice cream makers ( full ) 3x30 cobra

3x8 dragon flag 3x30 sec bridge

l sit 3 x 15 jef.curls 3x45 sec (15kg)

l sit to v sit 3x5 plus pike 3x1 min hold

3x3 shawarma 2x5 plus 15 sec last rep hold active one arm hangs

30 20 10 sec passive one arm hang

3 x 20 sec frontsplits between chairs.

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Ok basically this week was everything as before I am doing three weeks training cycles, than I deload. Now is the 2nd week and I am still on, 5x10 tuck planche 5x20 adv tuck front lever, 5x10 straddle back front lever, 5x30 chest to wall handstand, for other things my oacp is 3x5 with 8.5 kg and I am doing 3x3 slow negatives. I also did my first handstand push up and straddle l sit, started working on manna. I also started with horse stance today is my like 6th day or something I dont count things I just love to do it because it feels really good and I will keep doing it even when I get my sidesplits. Yep thats all Love my routine by now and I feel strong like sayan from it, oh and forgot shawarma is in the game now ! :D

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Wow I am proud of myself, yesterday I tried weighted chin ups and I was doing 3 set x 3 rep with 30 kg on my waist. I think this is a proof how much you can get stronget without actually doing weighted pull ups. And I done them yesterday after 1 hour of floreio and one arm work. So a little change is on tuesday I will be doing weighted pull up work and on friday I will be working just one arm work.

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Deload week is over! I tested my tuck planche and adv tuck fl max! Planche is 20 second and ad.tuck fl. 30 sec! I am doing sets of 16 sec an 18 for fl, I also got my first handstand push up ( head to floor ). Next day I started doing 30 kg 3x5 chin ups, and overall my stretch results are getting cleaner and cleaner. As for squats and deadlifts we will see today! :)

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