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Chemistry and bio-chemistry books?

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I suppose my advice fully depends on your background (are you already versed in the terminology or a related subject?), how much time you want to dedicate to the subject and what do want to use it for? - I only have experience with medical biochemistry.

I will say outright that biochemistry can be a subject that saps will power very quickly: Biochemsitry text books are dense tomes, they are not a light read by any stretch. Having a good grasp of high school level chemistry, physics and math is a very good idea, otherwise many of the concepts are difficult to comprehend.

If you are new to the subject I will recommend spending some time with a something like Khans academy or other youtube learning resources concurrently with any reading that you do. Reading and understanding this subject is slow going, and if do not have a setup like a class setting to get a good grasp ie. discussion and exercises. Spending time with examples and having the concepts explained in common English is likely a good idea. Yes, it is a painfully slow process, but realize that really grasping this subject can take years. After all that is why alot of people get under graduate and graduate degrees.

Also, try not to indulge yourself too much in getting a too nerdy looking textbook from the very beginning, a lighter read eg. a book from the for dummies series can help you get an overview (and likely that is all you need). Later on you can get a 1400 hard cover tome if you feel like it (but it is not the place to start).

That is my random thoughts on the subject. Best of luck.

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my thoughts exactly on Khans academy. im currently working through all the math (starting from baseline arithmetic) and its actually been fun and i can feel a steady rhythm already had been on it for about two months. :)

the chemisty i havent looked at since i havent completed the course i took on coursera.

great resources, for sure

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"I will say outright that biochemistry can be a subject that saps will power very quickly" - absolutely!

The more you know, the more you will be able to understand (obviously). But unfortunately, much of the critical biochemistry which is at the forefront of ideas about healthy (or non-healthy) nutrition is controversial - not that the basic biochemical reactions are controversial, but the relative importance of the different reactions and pathways that the body may use under different circumstances is still in many cases a matter of debate among scientists. So you will unfortunately have to still take a lot on trust. But at least you will have some idea what they are talking about.


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