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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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Tue - Hinge MashUp

- Elephant walk sequence leading into Daily Routine 

- RDL 3x8x60kg

- DL 5x5 ascending to 140kg, backed off from 3x160kg as felt had done a bit too much stretching prior.

- 8x20m Sled Push pyramid sprint through slow grind and back. 

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Wed - CF

- Usual warm up incl bodyline tabata

- Tabata HS Hold, Ring Dips, Toes to Bar

- 5 legless rope climbs (progressions)

- 4' at each station for 3 rep "max" Bench Press (1x90kg), Front Squat (75kg), Bent over row (8x70kg), OHS 45kg

- WoD 5' amrap 8 hang power snatch 50kg, 2 OHS, 10 burpees.  2 Rounds.


Really didnt get the strength portion 4' seems not to allow for any of technique, volume or intensity let alone a reasonable ramp up.

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Thu - CF

- Usual warm up incl core tabata and 2x 15s pull ups

- Tabata pistol squat alternating stitch pull ups

- 4x3,3 DB Snatch. 22.5 25 27.5 30kg

- 12' amrap 12 DB step up, 12 air squat, 6 DB push press, 6 box jumps, 3,3 DB snatch. 22.5kg. 3+8 rounds

Reminded me my pistol focus has been non existent for a bit. Too many things too little time.

Early night as early start towards Berlin!...

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Fri - Rest

Sat, Sun - Re-patterning the Human Form. Emmet and Craig's workshop.

Hands on exposure to a veritable smorgasbord of techniques that have influenced Emmet and Craig's own movement and mobility practices, many totally new to me, some more familiar territory but nevertheless great to be coached through them.

Very timely at a period where my own training has short term focus, but where I feel a growing need to revisit the direction and purpose. Food for thought. Lots to digest.

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Mon - Rest 


After some pretty intense stretching on Sun afternoon and generally moving in unusual ways all weekend, gave the old body some time off.


Tue - Program MashUp

- 1200m jog with warm up stations, including glute activations from the workshop

- 5x50m sprint, walk back, been a while...

- 5x5 superset barbell bicep curl 35kg, btn strict press 35kg, RDL 50kg

- 3x10 superset supine db curls, supine pullovers 7.5kg

- 60s passive hang.


For the strict presses tried to recreate the grounded feeling and strong connection between hands and feet from the [QiGong?] section of the workshop.


I havent done sprints for ages, since starting all the glute ham focus work of the last months. Definitely felt those in a way I didnt used to.

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Hey Nick


Programming, I am a member of a CF gym where I have 2x week classes and unlimited open gym.  So the CF is whatever the menu of the day is in terms of lifts and workout.  In my own training time, I have program modules for lower hinge, lower squat, upper support, upper push/pull, upper and lower mobility (mostly weighted) that Emmet has put together for and with me.   I follow these or use as inspiration if I want some variety (what I call a mashup), so as to balance things out on a rolling 7-10 days cycle. The exercises have quite a strong focus on posterior chain strength and recruitment and relevant hip and shoulder mobility.


BTN press wide grip. In March when I realized I couldn't actually do a non-heaving snatch balance with the empty bar without some sort of push whereas guys with similar strength in other areas were doing 40kg+, and even the empty bar felt really sketchy and dangerous for my shoulders.  I started playing around with the 10kg training bar and realized the exercise was one that gave me fantastic feedback if I was using the right muscles, shoulder position, core bracing etc, much more so that front press.  You know how you sometimes just know an exercise is a good one for you.  But it is nevertheless one that should be approached with caution and adequate mobility and awareness.

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Wed - CF

- Habitual warm up incl body-line tabata and 2x15s pull-ups

- Tabata ring support hold alternating toes-to-bar

- 3x5 sumo DL high pull 135lbs

- 3x2,2,2,2 complex press, push press, push jerk, split jerk. 95lbs. Limited by press.

- Fight gone bad. A classic CF WoD. 86, 79, 80 = 255

Not a big fan of the SDLHP but at least didn't fry my lower back on them during FGB this time.

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Nice to meet you in person finally. For everyone else, if you get the chance to meet Danny, definitely take it, he is a super nice human!

How is the old butt squeeze going?

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LOL.... I can almost squeeze at least one of my several "old butts", thanks for asking!


I will mail you with some questions about how to take further what I think is called Zhan Zhuang, the standing meditation practise.  I found that intriguing.

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Thu - Freeform

- Limbering hips and shoulders

- 4x3 training complexes BTN Press, OHS, Snatch Balance 10,15,20,25kg

- alternating with pistol press from bottom

- 3x3 Snatch drop 10,15,20kg, this super light but I hate the feeling of the low catch, so less is more here I feel

- alternating with zombie clean catches (basically clean empty bar but catch in zombie rack.. after dropping or rolling bar onto biceps a couple of times with a slow turnover you get very good at not doing that) that I saw on youtube earlier

- 4x3 OHS 30,40,50,60kg slooow (maybe 5510), really trying to feel what was going on in my shoulders

- 10 EMOM 3 power clean 60kg, 10 UB DU


Inspired by the workshop.... just went where it felt right to go next.


Earlier in the afternoon 18mins of arm raises, standing tree and hug the tree.  Mostly became aware of how unrelaxed I was.

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Fri - Crossfit

  • Habitual warm up
  • Circuit. Legless rope climb, ring l-sit hold, pistols, air squat 20s each. Waste of time
  • WoD. 20min partner amrap. 11 rounds. Too long to explain but 8 weighted lunge and 4 toes to bar per round

Sat - MTB tour

  • 45km 1500vm 110avg HR, 175w 4hours riding spread over 8hours outing. 
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Hey Danny, not sure if you're on FB but I saw you in some of the workshop pictures posted there! Guessing you've already gotten them from either Emmet or Craig, but figured I'd let you know :) 

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Sun - MTB technique

  • 8km, 45mins seeking out steps, gravel to turn on etc.

Mon - Open Gym

  • General warm including rope work
  • Strength superset 3 rounds
    • 6 Alternating TGU 16,20,24kg
    • 6/6 SLDL 16,20,24kg
    • 6 BTN Press + 3 OHS Complex 15,20,30kg
  • WoD 5 rounds with 30s break 12:18 to complete work
    • 15 DU
    • 12 Box Jump 24
    • 9 KBS 24kg
    • 3/3 KB Snatch 24kg
    • 3 OHS 40kg
  • CashOut
    • 3x8 BB curls alternating 20s passive hang

Was inspired by @Frederic to integrate lots of KB stuff today.

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Tue - Open Gym

  • 3x 5 RDL+5 BB Rows 60kg
  • 5x5 DL 60,80,100,120,140kg
  • 8' amrap 2x10m two handed farmer carry 150kg 4x10m alternating single arm waiter carry 32kg KB.  3 rounds + 20m carry.
  • 15' Yuri bands and Pineau curls, Elephant walk variations and lying rotations

Workout was an homage to Dan John.  I was going to do 10-12mins, but was using a fair bit of the gym and a class was due to start so had to do sprint version. 8 mins was more than enough not having done much of this CNS attack stuff recently.

The shoulder work felt lovely after the "strongman" style straight arm support work.  Since 32kg is about my limit for a one arm KB clean and push press, was very happy with the overhead lock out.  I wanted to do more spinal decompression but grip was quite tired and I couldnt think of a non hanging alternative .

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Wed - Open Gym

  • Rowing pick drills x3, hip and shoulder openers and front rack supports 3x30s 80kg for the core
  • Hang power cleans 4x5 [45,75,95,]115,135,155,175lbs.  I think that ise a new PR... nice clean reps bar one, with hip extension, fast catch, no early pull.
  • Threw in some overhead lunges 4x10x15kg between sets.  As a fun way of putting the front rack support plates away.
  • 6x500m row with 3' rest between 1:45-1:46 pace.  Out of practise on this nasty one, plus I suspect heavy legs from yesterday, but needed to do some rowing as 3hr workshop on Sat with a Swiss national squad guy.

I set out with the plan of just doing some light HPC's, but it felt good so I went with the flow.  Im trying to make training sessions a bit more fun and a bit less rigid this week.

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Thu - MTB + CF

  • 3hrs 20km 1:1 tuition.  Stoppies, manuals, wheelies, basic bunny hops, fast loose turns, switchbacks, trails.  Plenty of work on a 23kg bike!
  • 2hrs break
  • Habitual warm up, 2x15s chin ups, etc etc
  • 2 rounds 20s on:40s off.  KBS 24kg, Wall Balls, Box Jumps, Burpees.  42, 45 reps. Pretty much limited by speed of reps.
  • 2 rounds 20s on: 40s off.  OHS 40kg, FS 50kg, Thruster 50kg, DL 80kg.  21, 21 reps. Change own weights.

Rest day tomorrow!


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Fri - Rest, about one hour on the MTB, but easy, focus technique.

Sat - CF + Rowing Seminar

  • Habitual warm up 
  • 6' EMOM Hang Power Snatch, Hang Snatch (first 3' from high hang).  40kg
  • 8' time cap.  25 wall ball buy-in, 4 rounds 10 toes to bar, 5 hang power snatch, 5 OHS 40kg.  3 rounds+6 ttb
  • 9 exercise 30s core circuit.

Very clammy here today... grip got shot on the ttb and hang holds.

  • Rowing drills 2500m+
  • 20' piece 5000m
  • 11x30s piece stroke rates 20-40 60s rest c2000m
  • 500m time trial

High volume day.  Apparently I have a very good rowing stroke. Note to coach - everyone has something they can do better.

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Sun - Rest 

Mon - Freeflow

  • 1200m jog interspersed with dynamic mobilizations, plus some Yuri band work in the gym
  • Superset 3x5 Slow BS (80,90,100kg), 3x5 BTN Press (25,20,35kg), 3x3 Super Strict Pull Up
  • Superset 3x6 RDL 60kg, 3x10 BB Curl 25kg
  • 21,15,9  DU, Box Jump, KBS 24kg.  4:10.

Legs still felt heavy.  Havent done heavier BS for ages... felt heavy on the one hand, but way easier on the other hand, I think better positions but CNS forgot what heavy feels like.

BTN press continuted for a 1RM for fun, 40kg, OK narrow fail 45kg, should have got smaller fractional.

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Tue - CF in OpenGym

  • Habitual warm up
  • 5' Cindy (5 pull up, 10 push up, 15 squat).  4 rounds. Strict(ish) pull ups felt good. Pushups felt stupid hard.
  • 24' amrap.  40kg.  2 DL, 2 HPC+J, 4 OH Lunges, 2 DL, 5 Over the Bar Burpees, 2 DL, 2 HPC,  4 FR Lunges, 2 DL.  1:1 Work:Rest but 15 squat in rest time. 9 rounds in 22:40.

Lots of annoying business calls today so was happy to do something requiring no thought and lots of sweat, done along to the DropKick Murphys. 200 air squats and 72 weighted lunges... were felt by the end.

MTB to and from gym and played around with stoppies and kick out turn progressions in the drive for about 15' once home.

After 2 months without any supplements decided to start adding back to see if it makes a difference.  2g EPA/DHA + Broad Multivitamin.  The fish oil definitely has some impact even in a fairly moderate dose, but with pros and cons.  I think the multivitamin is more of an insurance policy.

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