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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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@Phi Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately cant make it work, even though there are a couple spots free.


Fri – am

-          Daily routine.  Stances +5s 50/35/35s. Including c3 mins joint mobs at the start taking slightly under 20mins


Fri – pm

-          Hinge.  RDL Snatch Grip 40kg, SLDL 20kg, Back extensions+cobra

-          Lower mob.  Flexor complex, Jefferson curls, Piriformis

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Sat - Daily routine + CF

- Stances. 55,40,40s. Starting to feeling stiff from daily shi pa dan.

- Bodyline Tabata, HS hold alt ring dip negatives Tabata, 5x leg less rope climb progressions

- 5x2 Bear complex 125lbs

- 2 rounds 40s on/20s off row, DU, box jump, thruster 30kg, wall ball

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Sun - MTB Ride

- 16km 300vm loop 53'


Beautiful spring weather, first time out for a long while.


Mon - MTB + CF + Daily Routine

- Stances 60,45,45s.  Horse and lunges getting tough esp with bike miles in leg.

- 2x30on15off pull ups, push ups, squats, toes to bar

- 3x3 alternating FS 70kg, Strict Press 45kg

- WoD 21 thruster buy in 40kg, 2x10 box jump, 10 push press 40kg, 500m row buy out - 7:42


- 36km 800vm 1h53


Great weather, new toy, big grin.

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Tue - MTB

- 28km 1100vm c.2h.


A bit steeper, plus some time spent on descent technique with new toy.


Wed - Daily Routine + Program

- Stance 60/45/45s.   Decided to consolidate this duration after a day's break.

- Upper push/push.  BtN Snatch Press alt Wide Pull Ups.  Biceps various.  Ring dips and DB rotations.


Pecs and lats surprisingly tired after 3 days on the bike.  Quads surprisingly happy.


Ticket booked for the "Emmet and Craig Show" in Berlin next month... :)

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Thu - MTB + Program + DR

- 12km c.1h. Testing settigs on a local mini-loop

- 2x60s wall HS hold away then facing

- 4x8x60kg Back squats. aka Hell Squats. Slow negative and pause at hole. First 4 are OK...

- 4x6 GHR alternating 4LR Slow lunges with hold (no sliding surfaces at box)

- Stances 65/50/50s.  Tough after what went before.  

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Fri - MTB

-23km c.2h.  I got a pinch puncture it took 30mins to repair, then it started raining and temp dropped 5c... when I was furthest from home :)


Sat - CF + DR

- 3x "20s pull ups" 5s scap pull, 5s at 90degree elbow, 5s hold at top, 5s negative.  

- Tabata toes to bar alt HS holds

- 4xKB complex 3 DL, 3 "Clean", 3 Goblet Squats, 6 Russian Swing.  24,32,32,40kg.  We dont do enough KB work

- 12' amrap 50kg 2x 2DL, 1xHPC, 4x Lunge with 3 bar facing burpees in the middle, then 1:1 rest work. 6.5 rounds

- DR just Shi Pa Dan as enough squats and lunges in CF

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Tue - Program + DR

- DR 90, 80, 60s.  Time has resumed normal tempo.  Shi Pa Dan progressing solidly too.

- Upper support. Snatch grip press out and support 125lbs alternating FG ring hang (progression)

- Bat wing holds 10kg alternating Ring support 20s


Cycled back up the hill home 5k 250vm moderately hard.  Cycled down too, but no energy expended.

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Wed - CF

- 1000m jog/run.  I jokingly called this "old skool" CF... just running.

- Core tabata. 2x5 skin the cats.  Tuck but with pretty straight arms.  Next time will do 3x3.

- EMOM 2 5x High hang snatch 40kg,EMOM 3 5x Hang snatch 50kg.

- WoD 4x 30s on/15s off circuit.  Rope climb, Hang snatch+OHS complex 40kg, Wall ball, L Sit hold progression, Box jump.


Today's programming felt very dis-jointed. Skills sections too rushed. WoD uninspiring and disjointed.


Too many boxes have too much CF competition focussed programming.  Limited movements, some planes of ignored, not enough "inefficient" work.

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Thu - MTB

- 20km 500vm 1.25hrs. Nice flowing circuit from home.  Normalized power 192w, average HR 117.


With the power assist, can basically turn any ride in my hilly neighborhood into a recovery ride. Need to work my aerobic base a bit more. 


Fri - Program + DR

- DR. 95/85/65s.  Oops missed two daily days.

- Squat blended with biceps modules 30/10/12.5, then lower body mobility.


Slightly in catchup mode here, but the modules fit together nicely.  Not very CF doing the bicep assistance work but it really seems to be helping with some bent arm pulling.  Good spot Emmet!

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Sat - CF

- DR. Shi pa dan improving. Focussing on not avoiding the calf stretch.

- Core tabata, 2x15s pull ups.  This is 5s in each of scap pull, elbows 90 degrees and hold chin over.  Nice exercise

- 6x 3 snatch balance, 3 heavily snatch balance.  Just stuck with empty bar here to work on speed, confidence and stable catch.  

- "Tabata This".  Five tabatas with a minute between.  Row, air squats, pull up, push up and situps.  Simple but a nice 24min cardio and muscular endurance WoD

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Sun - Jump Rope Seminar + Equilibre + DR

- DR. Nothing to report.

- HS progressions. Definitely a few 1/10ths additional PRs on hovers.

- 2.5 Hours Speed Rope seminar.

Seminar was run by the folk from JumpNRope. Even though Im not at all bad at Double Unders, learnt a lot about efficiency and technique. It was an object lesson in how usually less is more...

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Mon - DR + Program

- DR. Backed off on intensity/duration on the routine today, as somewhat stiff.

- Program.  Hinge alternating with... biceps.  SLDL alternated sets KB in hand on same side with opposite side KB, very different feelings.


Expected calves to be bad, but they are fine (so far) just a bit heavy.  Lats, traps and quads feeling it though.

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Tue - DR + Program

- DR back to previous maxes today but felt easier despite general soreness

- Bent arm strength day. Tried new cue on slow wide pull ups. Bend bar toward your head in hang. Worked a treat. Also added some weight to snatch grip press.

- Finished with some hang cleans and push press and double unders.

Spoke way too soon about DOMs in calves. It set in big time last night. LOL

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Wed - Rest.  Realized hadnt had a rest day for too long.


Thu - MTB + Program + DR + CF

- 20km 1.5hours 200w normalized power. Forgot the HR strap.  Finally stopped raining and snowing again. 

- Upper mobility. DR a bit shorter today, legs quite tired

- CF core tabata, 2x30s beat swings, 2x5 skin the cat, 2x60s wall HS hold both ways

- CF 2x8 each FS 50kg, Push Press 50kg, OHS 40kg, Bench press 62.5kg  10'.  Was sceptical about this, but was actually good fun.

- CF 7' amrap 20 wall ball, 40 DU.  3 rounds.  Getting used to the different timing of the new rope, but first set unbroken.


My lats especially the right one that doesnt activate so well was cramping by the end of that.  I do think that's a good thing as I feel I have made a step forward in recruiting these, and they are protesting at the unacustomed demands.

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Sat - CF

- Core tabata, 2x15s 3 postion pull ups, beat swings

- Tabata box jump alternating bar dips

- 5' each bar MU progressions, ring MU progressions

- 1' double unders

- Partner WoD 12' alternating 2DL, 1 HPC, 4 Lunges, 2DL, 3 bar facing burpees and back 40kg


Played with the Pineau biceps and triceps opens again, working with one of the members who is a professional physio; she liked them a lot and gave some pointers.

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Sun - Rest, but did do about 20 mins elephant walk and standing straddle work. Wanted to give lat a rest.

Mon - CF

- Usual warm up. This is getting pretty stale now.

- 15s pull up x2, 60s wall facing HS hold, beat swings 2x10

- 8x1 snatch complex. High hang PS, hang PS, PS. 40kg.

- WoD 1. 10' amrap. 20 KB snatch 20kg, 10 pull ups. 4+10

- WoD 2. 40 DU, 30 wall balls, 20 Burpees. 4:10

Hope I haven't aggravated my lat with that. I warmed it up well and took it easy, but it feels really gnarly now. The workout was fairly unforgiving.

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Tue - Program

- Biceps and triceps. Mixed in the Pineau exercises.

- Upper and lower stretching

Lat is still tender but not aggravated. Discovered humungous knots in my glute and ql and this might be the root cause. Kneaded them at length with lax ball etc.

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Wed - Modified Program + DR

- Nice sunny day 1600m jog on the track with stations

- then DR in the sun, which motivated me to add a decent number of seconds to my stances

- Hinge day, added weight to the RDL, SLDL hams and glutes felt really engaged, left out the active back extensions but

- added some hip and lower back stretch (lying rotation) and passive back extensions.

Had one of those "oh I'm more bendy" moments as realized could have top leg fully extended and at 90 degrees, instep on floor and shoulders flat on ground.

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Thu - CF

- 800m jog and short DR in the sun

- core tabata, 3' jump rope

- 2x 30s on 15s off box jumps, toes-to-bar, push-up, PVC OHS, pull-ups

- 5x 400m 15 BS 50kg. 16:10

Nice to do a classic CF WoD, scaled back from OHS though although right lat didn't cramp today.

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Fri - MTB

- 30km, 1000vm, c3hrs, avg HR 121.


Was hard to maintain a flowing pace as was discovering new trails.  50vm bike push/carry up 25+degree slope was entertaining with a 32kg bike!


Sat - CF

- Usual warm up fayre, core tabata, HS hold alt wallball hold and 2x15s pull ups.  Added a small band to these so I was able to keep shoulder really depressed, was a good scale to lock down form.

- WoD Jackie.  1000m row, 45 45# thrusters, 30 pullups. 9:35.  Would have PR'd if hadnt been keeping a bit in reserve for part 2.  

- 5' rest.

- WoD Jack. 10' amrap. 10 push press 50kg, 10 kbs 24kg, 10 box jumps. 4+21.  


More classic CF.  Lat seems to have calmed back down. Havent done that sort of push press WoD for a bit, noticed improved OH lockout, to the point where I could sort of rest a the top.


Sun - Golf

- Weather should be lovely, shorts and suncream, and my swing is not bad right now (touch wood)...

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Mon - Mashup
- Nice long hip and shoulder opening
- 5x5 BB biceps curls 35kg alternating 5x 5xBTN Press+5xSnatch balance 35kg
- 3 sets 5x OHS above the weight I can snatch balance 45kg. See note below.
- 3 sets 8x lying DB biceps curls 10kg in shoulder extension alternating 3x slow wide grip lat focussed pull ups
- 3 sets 5x lying triceps curls and 5x trap extensions 7.5kg DB

"Auspicious" changes are occurring. I had to narrow my grip for the OHS by c5cm (each side) to tighten things up. Everything felt quite unstable, but I think I normally rely on pressure against the sleeves (yes I [had] a wide grip) as a cue.  

The lying DB biceps curls in extension provide the closest thing to the partner stick stretch I have encountered. Intense.   The lying extensions really give great feedback on whether the tight core is being sacrificed to compensate for the shoulder position.

It also dawned on me I have also developed a dislocate variation that works nicely for me over the last couple of weeks. Hold stick so grip is narrow enough not quite to pass, but wide enough so at the sticking point the weight of your arms can come into play. Here create a pulsing effect by walking up and down and "wriggling" a bit pulling one shoulder then the next into external rotation.

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