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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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10 hours ago, Kit_L said:

Cutting down on carbs is the *fasted* way for me to lose fat, too. We miss you guys.

Nice freudian slip. Jokes aside, there's no doubt that the satiation derived from primarily fat+protein bias is completely the opposite of the more-ish-ness of fat+carbs. It would be interesting to see how blood sugar is working.

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Hahaha: 'Dictation'. Though, as you may recall, I have  been an intermittent faster for a great many years now (for the uninitiated, this means eating your day is calories within an eight hour window – in practice this means eating lunch and dinner and skipping breakfast). In my case, blood sugar level is optimal. Even just doing intermittent fasting means that your body is much less insulin resistant – and you know that means health is improved.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Been working on the running with Simon Oliver for a month, focus was a base of lots of really slow running much slower than I would normally go, initially very hard to do, but I think with hindsight very beneficial, frequency upto 5x per week now too which is a first. This weekend did a ParkRun as a time trial, CP back up to a more usual 320w, so the runs are going to get tougher, but it will be nice not to get overtaken by absolutely everybody!

Golfing season kicked off with a week in Spain. Played better as the week went on and well by the last day. Will get back to Switzerland tomorrow so will find a way of getting some strength work woven in to all that.

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On 3/14/2023 at 7:23 PM, SwissDanny said:

It would be interesting to see how blood sugar is working.

All the studies I have seen have shown Intermittent Fasting and the ketogenic diets (low carbs, IOW) in general improve fasting lipid profiles. I recall a one-year study by two Harvard cardiologists who went on a meat-only diet for 12 months; their profiles returned to 21-year-old levels, and both lost significant amounts of fat. Not a diet I'd recommend or want to follow, but interesting.

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  • 5 months later...

Hello Gang!

It's been a while, almost six months in fact, but happy to report that I was not idle in the meantime.

My now annual (I've just signed up for next three years too) half marathon was on 10/9. I trained very diligently all through the Summer under Simon's guidance, lots of miles with several cycles of long weekend runs each building up to 2.5 hours and 26km, combined with a much lower volume of intense interval and race pace work than I've done before, all together with a few b races: several 5ks, a 10k and a 14k event.

Race day was a bit warmer than ideal 22c, sunny and fairly humid. Ran with my now trusty Stryd power meter. Also got some Saucony Endorphin Pro carbon plate race shoes which after about 100k of habituation I found to be awesome to run in, but definitely are to be kept "for best". Anyway, was very very very happy to do 1:47:30, approx 9 minute PB on my 2013 run. Funny enough this was also the race that has left me with the least soreness, which I'd put down to both the training mileage and the shoes and maybe even a bit conservative due the relative warmth.

Golf was my other focus and after a long plateau everything has started to come together in the last weeks. I no longer have "imposter syndrome" scoring in the (high) 70's. Really looking forward to testing this progress in Scotland next week.

The days are closing in here and Im really motivated to get back into the gym and training room and work on strength and mobility as both are no doubt going to be important to unlock progress next year. I do think having a reason for being in the gym building on recent success will help discipline. Instead of stopping running until March, post race cold aside, Im going to try and get a new 5k PB before the end of the year, Simon figures 22' which seems very fast but he wasnt wrong yet.

Otherwise, like a few of us, life has been busy with supporting ageing relatives and thinking about and trying to execute on the next phase of ones own circumnavigations of the sun...

Swiss Danny


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  • 3 months later...

Here's wishing eveyone a most excellent next rotation around the sun!

What a crazy few months; both Jane's mother and my own mother passed away with two weeks of each other in early November, both after long illnesses and end-of-life diagnoses, but still. Luckily out of choice have few work commitments atm, and was able to keep busy by dealing with both estates in record time. On the positive side, after a long and frustrating search, we've just signed for a new home. It's a new build project where we can chose all interior finishes and fixtures etc, the exterior and floorplan are fixed, so lots to get on with over the next months. It's great to have something to feel positive and excited about.

Despite or maybe as an escape from these travails, I've kept on a decent level of running over the winter and maintained a really solid base, in the end just over 1000 miles in 10 months. I also avoided the worst of the Christmas and winter weight gain of the last few years, so heading into this season enthusiastically and reasonably light. Great North Run half marathon in September is the A race again, but Im going to try and do some more 10k races as preparation. Though injury free all season, I was noticing and concerned about lack of strength work and I've finally managed to get into the gym with decent regularity for a simple machine based upper/lower split, with some barbell DL and squats. I've become a fan of Theragun, but cant admit to doing any stretching..

The European weather hasnt been friendly for golfing this winter, but I've been doing some "swing speedtraining" before gym sessions, basically some over/underload swings with heavy/light weighted driver shafts. After a good warm up you do a sequence of swings with the sole aim of getting the clubhead moving as fast as possible, any which way, technique be damned.  It's interesting because you do non-dominant swings too. At first this was horrible, but then I realized I got more proprioceptive insights from that side than from the dominant side where the movement is so engrained by 1000s of swings. Over about 20 sessions my final max effort swing of the day has gone from 100 to 117mph clubhead speed.

Take care everyone!

Swiss D

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