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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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Mon - Modified Program

- Row 1000m, Ski 500m, Yuri bands, PVC dislocates, goblet squats, banded SLDP, arch to hollow rolls and holds

- EMOM 30s Front Rack holds 40, 60, 80, 100,120kg.  Can go higher here.

- OHS 8x 20,25,30,35,40,45kg. Really focussed on using lats to lock in shoulders.

- OHS 5x 50, 50, 50kg

- 4x Superset 5 Pistols L/R, 5 GH Raise, 8 GH SitUps.  Went lower on the GH SitUps as my first attempt last week had no noticeable DoMs.

- 4x Superset 5 Ring Push Up, 5 Wide Grip Pull Up.  Slow tempo.

- 3x Superset 3 Ring Dips, 8x10kg L/R Rotations. Slow tempo.

- SL PVC good mornings, elephant walk, tailor pose (pulsing by pushing heels together), Jefferson curls, lying pec/biceps.


Got some really good lat engagement going today, which is one of the key objectives of the program along with glutes and hamstrings.  I wonder if the rack holds helped, as I was really focussed on locking the midline but pulling the sternum and elbows up, which for me at least makes me really use my lats.

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Tue - Program and WoD

- Assault bike 50kcal c4min

- Yuri bands, dislocates, 5 way bodyline

- Assorted wall facing and back to wall handstand drills, plus some strict HSPU progressions with lots of plates' help

- WoD.  6 RFT 30 double unders, 10m farmer carry 60kg per hand, 10m sled push 30kg (floor is rubber so this was 7/10th).  8:28.  DU after sled push was brutal by last round.

- Since calves were toast straight leg and bent leg banded ankle stretches


The WoD was a nod to Dan John...

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Wed - CF

- Max unbroken DU.  56. Was trying to be too cute preserving energy and just caught rope.

- Max C&J. 84kg new PR, unwitting as was working in lbs and did the mental math wrong. LOL.  Power clean was so so but jerk easy.  As we had 8mins went way faster than normal 45 drills, 95x3, 145x3, 165x2, 185lbs, perhaps theres a lesson there.

- AMRAP 15 hanging knee raises, 10 DL 52kg, 5 G2O 52kg. 8min 4 rounds.  Was meant to be toes to bar, but my station had two bars and I hit my head on the second bar during the first set that totally put me off.  But doing the knee raises as fast as possible without starting to swing was actually a good focus that will help the toes to bar where I do tend to "get swingy"

- 1000m row. 3:40.  Completely bonked at 500m, probably since cut back heavily on carbs since the beginning of the week and still adapting.  This morning realise may be getting a cold too.


Curates egg-day.  Lots of frustrations, but of insights gained too.  

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Thu - Rest feeling meh.  Luckily not a cold.


Fri - Modified Program

Row, Ski, Yuri bands, Goblet squat holds

5x Front rack holds EMOM 30s 60, 80, 100, 120, 140kg.  Yep these definitely get me in the lats.

5x 3-Way (5 Regular, 5 Single Leg L/R)  Good morning 20, 30, 40, 50, 60kg

4x Superset SL DL 20kg 8xL/R, SL Back extension 8xL/R 

3x Superset Wide grip Pullup x5, Ring Pushup x5.  Lots of lat engagement in pull ups.

4x Superset GH SitUp x5, GH Raise x5.  Went for the full RoM GH SitUp this time.

3x Superset 30s Wall HS hold, 30s Knees above paralllel Lsit hang EMOM

5mins Freestanding HS attempts.  Played around with distance behind me to spot to I would go up far enough without going over too fast
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Sat - CF

Pre Class: Row, Yuri bands, PVC dislocates, Elephant walk, Front rack hold 70kg


Assorted core stuff, incl "dead bug" which I hadnt done before

2x30s Wall HS hold

3x10 alt Front rack lunge 95, 145, 145lbs. Left much weaker, should work on this.

WoD Diane 21,15, 9.  HeSPU, DL 225lbs.  Rx DL and very heavily scaled HeSPU 8:15.


Post Class: Hipflexors, Piriformis, Sphynx


After a really hinge intensive session yesterday strong focus on DL from legs.  HeSPU usual exercise in frustration, but at least I got some good standing pancake practise in.

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Sun - Rest.  Although did a fair bit of stretching during the day.


Mon - Training

5x5 OHS 40, 45, 45, 50, 50kg

4x5,5 Pistols to bench with 0,5,10,10+5 plates to increase the RoM

3x Superset Cossack squat x20, GH Situp (parallel) x8, GH Raise x6

1x Jefferson x10 each with pulses at bottom

3x Reverse Hyper x10 30, 50, 70kg


Really not feeling it today.  OHS were poor, perhaps inadequate warm up, so lower back tightened up, hence the reason for just one set Jefferson.

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Tue - Training

Ski, Yuri bands, PVC dislocates, lax ball smash scapula, 5-way bodyline.

10' Assorted wall HS drills.  Record duration hover off wall with several corrections.

5x superset Ring push up x5, Wide grip pull up x5. Push ups great, pull ups weak.  

4x superset Seated DB press x8 10kg, Ring dip x3. Apparently seated press are helpful for HeSPU strength, can see that.  Dips made for a gnarly combo.

3x superset 30s Batwing DB holds 10kg, Rotations elbow on knee x8 10kg

2x cumulative 30s Lsit hold

Floor bicep stretch.


Better day today, but definitely working out alone in a giant gym doesnt help motivation.  At least I can play my dodgy music tastes rather than rap.  Tweaked program.

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Danny, your music has helped Fred and I immensely and now even Olivia likes it! Not sure about Suu Kyi; she is silent on the matter.

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Danny, your music has helped Fred and I immensely and now even Olivia likes it! Not sure about Suu Kyi; she is silent on the matter.


LOL. Perhaps I should try bluegrass to workout to, normally I go with something with a bit more rock beat.


As for being "swamped by too much space" I often have this whole hall to myself... https://goo.gl/maps/sy8CMNNrwYC2


It really is too much!  So I go to classes even if it is a bit of a redux of movements done in the last couple of days...


Wed - CF

Before class.  Nice long warm up as feeling pretty stiff today

Tabata.  Wall HS holds alternating  Bar dips

Tabata.  Toes to bar alternating PVC OHS

Backsquat 3x3 EMOM 90,100, 110kg.  Never really have time to go heavier.

Partner WoD 12'  21,15,9,6 and back up. OHS 40kg, Pull up, Box Jump 24". c35reps of each.

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Thu - Rest

90 mins ST.  In general very stiff and tight lower half, however did have good hanging cobra and lying pec stretches.


Fri - Hinge

- 1000m row. Focus power strokes (22spm)

- 5-way bodyline 45s each way

- EMOM 30s Front rack hold 40, 60, 80, 100, 120kg. Definitely 120kg and above it's hard not to slump a bit at the first breath.

- 5x KB Turkish get up x3L/R alternating KB windmills x5L/R. As a variation to single leg GM's. 16x2, 20x2, 24kg

- 4x Single leg DL 20kg x10L/R alternating Single leg back extensions x10L/R

- 5x Pistol progressions x5L/R.  To kiss bench with plates to progressively increase RoM. 0,5,10,10+5 plates. Much better even after work before

- 3x Superset GH Situp x8, GH Raise x4.  I think this combo might be more taxing than it feels at the time.


The KB subs at the top were a killer compared to a few good mornings.  By the last set of SLDL had jelly legs, so was surprised the pistol progressions went so well.

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Yesterday really knotted up my right glute and I wasn't sure if I was into injury territory but some decent lax ball and rolling sorted things out.

Sat - CF

- Assorted body line drills and beat swings

- 3mins to get 2x max UB double unders. 30, 45. Not good.

- Max HS wall hold. 55s. Accidentally fell of the wall. Oops

- 15mins clean and snatch drill 3 positions

- Tabata This. 5 tabatas with 60s between. Row cals 6, air squats 13 , pull-ups 5, push-ups 8, sit-ups 10 per segment

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Sun - Rest... Brunch with friends really, and a nice stroll in the winter gloaming...


Mon -  CF

- Pre. 1000m row, plus various mobs. Upper left glute and ql still a bit tight.

- Assorted bodyline stuff, getting to into a boring pattern though.

- Tabata. Wall ball alternating Wall facing HS hold. Focus on catch before drop on the WB as I know what's coming up.

- Thrusters.  3x5.  Strength in theory. But decided to stay at 40kg and focus on technique, mostly catch in solid front rack.

- WoD 1. Ladder 5 Wall ball, 10 Double under, thena 10,20. 15,30. etc.  8 min. 5th round complete.

- 4 min break

- WoD 2. AMRAP 4 mins.  10 Kettlebell Swing Russian 24kg, 5 Push Up. 6 rounds, 10 swings. Grip masher mostly.


Fun enough with 10pax. But coaching/content not outweighing that. [EDIT: Wow this is a rather negative late night musing...]

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Tue - CF

- Pre Class. 30 mins limbering for OHS i.e. pretty much everything!

- Bodyline tabata, beat swings

- Muscle up progressions incl partner assisted full muscle up. Good cues.

- WoD 21 BSquat 60kg (unbroken), 21 pull-ups, 15 FSquat 50kg, 15 chest to bar pull-ups, 9 OHS 40kg, 9 bar muscle ups (subbed C2B)

I definitely need to more systematically add anterior shoulder and chest stuff, I dodge it... and do stuff I'm actually quite good at now instead.

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I revisited the mastery shoulders series and some of the stretches.


Definitely going to incorporate the single arm ring hang as well as the two handed ring lat stretch;  last time I played with these about a year ago they were just both too intense in the shoulder, but now I feel them in just the right places.


Also from the MWoD school some more time on pec lax-ball and barbell "smashes" and the very yucky first-rib stick mobilization.  Finally, I must teach a couple of buddies at the new gym the stick pec stretch...

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Wed - Program

- 60mins ST lower half. Early pm. Second session 6pm.

- 1000m row, 500m ski

- 5x superset Slow ring push-ups x5, Strict wide grip pull-ups. Push-ups improving no end. Pull ups probably suffered from 50 yesterday.

- 5x seated DB press x10, sitting DB rotations x8 LR10kg. Both improved

- 5x superset 30s wall hold, alternating passive hangs normal narrow wide

- 5x superset Deadlift 130kg x3, Ring L-sit hang 10s

- 5x Pistols to bench x5 LR. Increasing RoM each set. Much stronger today.

- 5x superset GH raises x6, GHD sit-up x6

- 3x Ring hang LR max hold with straps Lat stretch. Wow.

Enjoyed training today. Monster session even without the stretching before.

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Apart from difficulty walking up stairs, no ill effects from yesterday (kidding though legs did feel pretty heavy).


Thu - CF

- Tabata bodyline stuff

- Tabata HS wall holds, ring support holds, strict pull ups

- 15' snatch technique session

- WoD 15' amrap 20 burpees, 20 snatch ascending (30, 50, 60kg).  Decided to go for technique so 30g TnG 4x5 Muscle snatch and 50kg Tall power snatch singles and take the burpees very genteel. This left time for just one 60kg snatch, which was ample for today.


Prior to CF I also trialled a 24' OHS prep flow from RoMWoD.com site.  These guys are using short yin yoga sequences aimed at Crossfitters needs/time requirements for prep and recovery.  I only ever did about 20 hours of flow yoga, never yin yoga.  But actually the poses were very like ST poses with the deep diaphragmatic breathing providing contract/relax, so it worked quite nicely.  Interesting concept.

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Fri - Active Rest


Did three of the 20min intro sessions to the RoMWoD.com site.  Makes you realize how carefully described and engineered the ST videos are.  Nevertheless I like the fact the stretches are blended into some neat flows with a specific purpose in mind.


Off to my cousins wedding in the UK tomorrow through Monday. He owns a very succesful CF gym in the UK. I suspect the only bar I will be close to will be fully licensed.  That said the evening party is in the gym, so lord only knows.  Last time I mixed drink and a CF box we played 18 holes of rowing "golf" and did TGU with beakers of liquid balanced on the fist.

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Tue - Back in the Saddle


- 3x5 Front squat 60, 70, 80kg

- 5x5 LR Pistol progressions to bench

- 3x superset 20x Cossack squat low 16kg, 6x GH raise, 6x GHD situp

- 3x superset 5x Ring pushup, 5x Wide pullup

- 3x superset 10x DB sitting strict press 10kgx2, bar dip bottom hold for mobility

- 3x superset 8x DB rotations 10kg, bar dip bottom hold for mobility.


Confirms my theory after a certain age days off let alone 3 are a bad thing (kidding I know they are needed... but youll know what I mean if you are 45+).


I did a quick little video of my front rack mob, done at fast demo speed.  One arm at a time, without worrying too much about the other side being in front rack or bit of torso rotation.  The contraction is pushing elbow up into resistance of the hand, then relax into a new RoM, assisting with the spare hand if needed.  At the end, testing out the rack and another limbering that works quite well for me too.


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Wed - Afternoon - Stretch


With things distinctly quieting down ahead of the holidays, spent the afternoon on and off working out the tight lines in the transition to and at the very bottom of a deep ring dip and some stretches to help that.   Front of shoulders and triceps definitely in for additional targetting.  Modified lying butchers block the really isolates the triceps.  A band supported actual ring dip stretch.


Wed - Eve - CF

- Pre Class more stretching incl ring pec hang single arm

- 5' Cindy 5 rounds

- 3x8 Thrusters 30kg technique

- WoD 3 rounds 45s on 15s off KBS 24kg, Row 12cal, Chest to wall HS 30s

- 4' rest

- WoD 4' amrap 20 Wallball 20 Medball clean 1+12wb

- 2' rest

- WoD 3' amrap 10 Burpee 20 BW squat 2+2burpee


Lots of squatting on top of yesterday. Legs toast.

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Thu - Program


Visited my wife's weights gym today. So apart from trying lots of the exercises she does in her 3 split BB programme:  


- 5x8 Good mornings 20,40,50,60,70kg

- 5x superset SL DL 20kg x10 LR, SL Back extension x 10LR

- 5x Pistol progressions

- 3x10 30degree decline Situps

- 3x superset L sit DB press 10, 10,12.5kg x10, DB rotations 10kg x10 LR

- 5x row 500m 90% intervals 3' break, pace between 1:47 and 1:40.

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Fri - Active Rest


ST, focussing on shoulders.  The one arm ring shoulder pec stretch really allows me to get at some gnarly stuff.


Sat - Fun Workout


Buddy from old box returning the UK.  Mostly outside crisp but sunny 5c, no snow, unusual for Switzerland in late Dec.

4x BB complex DL, power clean, squat clean into 3 thrusters, 4 front rack lunges, 1 BB rollout 30, 40, 40, 50kg.  With 30s hollow hold, 30s plank between sets.

4x RFT 6 Sandbag clean 25kg, 3 shuttle runs c150m, 12 2count mountain climbers, OH plate lunges 10kg 15m, 15 burpees. c 19mins.

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Sun - Program

A bit short on time today. Focussing on these moves quite a lot as getting new sensations in terms of recruitment and balance that I want to groove.

- 50cal assault bike, yuri bands, banded distraction ankles and elbows
- 5x superset 5x bench squats 30x0 80kg alt 20s Wall HS heel pulls
- 5x superset 10xRL SL DL alt 20kg 5x bench pistols.

The elbow banded distraction is my attempt to replicate Kits elbow stretch as a solo endeavour. The band goes just above or below the joint, and is pulling the elbow towards hyper extension. Kneeling with palm down fingers pointing away, shoulder externally rotated. Contraction is to attempt to bend the elbow against the band. Seems to work.


EDIT: Actually it seems I was heavily inspired by this MWoD episode Im sure Ive seen in the past. I just used ST contract-relax protocol by blocking the elbow and contracting at the end range rather than flexing it.


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Mon - CF

- Tabata Wall HS holds alt Dips/Pull Ups

- DL 5x5

- 8' Ground to Overhead ladder 8x 30kg, add 10kg etc

- 4' rest

- 5' partner amrap 100 DU, 50 Box jumps.


I wish everyone merry and bendy holidays... off to the UK for a few days tomorrow.  On 28th diet starts...

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Back from the UK, trip coincided with a luckily mild dose of flu/cold that Im just about over.  Needed to move after a week of gluttonous inactivity!


Mon - Gentle Program

1k row

10 alternating TGU

5x5 BS 80kg alt HS wall holds

3x10 SL DL 16kg

1k row

60 mins ST focus hips

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