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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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Shit I meant bridge work.


Seems to have been some magic language softening between the mail notification and the above...


A bit less, but still some. The sternum pain cleared up if that is what you are referencing.


Doing a lot of ham and glute isolation stuff (GH raises, back extensions) that is certainly making the "bottom" half of the bridge much stronger.


Probably need to reinforce a bit of focus opening up anterior shoulder and pecs.  In the last few sessions I have been feeling this has become a limiting factor in the way of more lat/rhomboid activation.  

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Fairly easy day today in terms of pacing and loading


Had to take a couple of calls during, so was very different from my usual on the clock work


Wed - Program

- Upper mobility.  Tried Jons shank levers, as an alternate to bat wing holds and liked them very much.

- Lower hinge.  RDL 40kg 5x8 super slow negative, SLDL 20kg 4x12.2 , SL Back Extension 3x10.2.  Used straps for the RDL to take out grip factor, good move given focus.

- Equilibre. Just extra credit. Worked out how to do forearm assisted HS holds.  Nice progression, will help a very lot.

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Thu - CF

3x30s ring beat swings regular grip

3x30s ring support hold

DL EMOM 5x3 120kg (felt solid, but didnt want to do more today)

Tabata Box Jumps 24” alternating Ring Dips (6,5,5,5)

AMRAP 8’ Ascending 2,4,6 etc ladder

DL 100kg, Burpee over bar.  Round of 12+3DL =45 DL, 42 Burpee.


6300kg of DL... too much volume I would say, took it cautiously though as already "hinged" yesterday too.


Was happy that my glutes and hamstrings are as tired as my spinal erectors; in the past this would have been mostly the latter.  Really pleased with the supports and ring dips too.


Strange session, new box... gotta make some allowances, but not what I would have programmed with 33% newbies in the class.

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Good week.  


Couple of PR's, but more imporantly a general feeling of using my glutes/hams and lats way more.  Not used these being the most tired muscle groups... good stuff.


Fri – Rest


Sat – Program (30/150)

Upper Mobility -  Fed beautifully into OHS.

Squat Lower – OHS, Cossack, GH Raises.  3RM PR 60kg, 1RM PR 65kg, narrow miss 70kg. 


Sun – Program (50/200)

Upper Push Pull – Ring PushUps, Strict PullUps, Strict Ring Dips.  Fed well into the equilibre, really was using my lats on the pull ups

Equilibre –Various HS Progressions. Toe and heel pulls improving. New PR on a heel pull HS hold (defo several seconds)

Lower Mobility – Staddle hang, Jeffersons, Weightd lunge holds

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  • 2 weeks later...

Two disrupted weeks due to fairly extreme work commitments.


Nevertheless some observations:

  • Really noticing the payback from all the focussed posterior chains an overhead support work over the last few months in the CF WoDs, especially now my conditioning is coming back
  • I have noticed this before, I really like "overweight" warmup-ups.  eg today DL@150 then a WoD with 50 deadlift... thing feels like a feather.

Off to London on the morning ahead of redux of Into the Stretch at the weekend.



Mon – Rest


Tue – CF (30/30)

Tabata HS Hold alt Ring Dips

DL 3x5 130kg

AMRAP 8'. 8 DL 50kg 4 HP Clean 2 Push Jerk


Wed – Rest


Thu – CF (30/60)

AMRAP 20’ Partner 20 KBS 24, 20 OH Walking Lunge 10kg, 10 TTB


Fri – Rest


Sat – CF (30/90)

Push Ups, Pull Ups

Hang Power Snatch (3x3x50kg)

AMRAP 7’. 5 HPSnatch 5OHS, 5 HR PushUps (6 rounds 5 reps)


Sun – Rest


Mon – Rest. Work induced

Tue – Rest. Work induced


Wed – CF (30/30)

Clean Technique

AMRAP 8’. 8 HPC, 4 FS, 8 Burpee (5 rounds 2 reps)


Thu (60/30) – CF (30/60)

DL 5x3  110->150kg

AMRAP 10’.  5 S2O 115#, 10 DL 115#, 15 Box Jumps (6 rounds 22 reps)


Fri – Rest. Travel


Sat – Into the Stretch. Redux. Day 1

Sun – Into the Stretch. Redux. Day 2


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All I have to say today is KB Windmills... been meaning to do some of these for ages.  Indeed... now I have the RoM to do these properly, what a great exercise these are! Rotational core stability, hamstring stretch, shoulder stabilisation.


Mon - Rest, Travel.  Not too stiff after ITS and 12 hour red-eye to Cape Town, hip flexor and anterior pec shoulder mostly.


Tue - 1.5k row warm up, 200m steady front crawl... havent swam for a long while.  Tabata 8x25m front crawl sprint.  What is the point of having a lap pool heated to 29c? Bikram swimming?


Wed - Virgin Active

1.5k row warm up

5 way bodyline 45s per position

5x30s wall facing toe-pulls

3x10 single leg back extension L/R

2x 3 KB TGU L/R, 5 KB Windmills L/R 16/24kg

21,15,9 KBS, Push Up

45 degree leg press 8 rep ladder to 20kg to 160kg of plates in 20kg increments, never used one of these before

Backsquat 3x5 90kg, just to contrast with leg press relative difficulty

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Sort of a hip hinge and lower mob mash up. Who are all these people using the equipment I want to use?  Especially the guy using the only squat rack for supine rows!


On the plus side they seem to think Im staying in the swanky hotel across the road so Im getting in for free.


ST stretching really focussed on hip tilt and position.  This was one of the main takeaways for me personally from ITS redux last weekend.


Thu - Virgin Active

Row 1.5k

Snatch grip Romanian DL 4x8 @50kg slow descent

Single leg DL 4x10 R/L 24kg

Jefferson curl 1x10 16kg... no box, no 24kg KB forget it...

ST hip flexors, outer hamstrings, piriformis, QL, standing straddle and cossack squats

ShiPaDan 4x36

KB strict press 4x8 R/L slow and controlled 16kg focus maintaining tight core.

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Fri - Rest


Sat - Virgin Active

DL 3x5 120,130,140kg still feeling hammies and glutes from Thu, felt very heavy

Single Leg Back Extension 3x8 R/L

Strict Press Ladder x5 reps 20 -> 45kg focus tight core etc.


Sun - Hotel Gym

15m supine bike aerobic recovery.


Mon - Rest and travel

Had a spare seat next to me so during 11 hours and 6 movie day flight had lots of time for seated piriformis stuff...

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Tue - CF

Handstand holds,  Muscle up transitions

5x1 Barbell Complex OHS, Snatch Balance, OHS 30kg.  Need to dip and push the snatch balance...

WoD 3 Rounds 45s on/15s off.  Row, Support hold, Wall HS hold, OHS 30kg.


Wed- Program

Trying to get back more strictly on my programming, which consists of 7 modules that I mix and match based on what came up in the CrossFit to keep a movement and load balance.  I find the variety and group aspects of the CrossFit keep me motivated for the more earnest program blocks that focus more on my specific goals.  Looking back over the last two weeks of disrupted training, feels like did lots of lower hinge movements, lots of equilibre and upper support work, plus a bit of squating.  My arms are pretty tired after yesterdays support intensive CF, so will work on lower loaded mobility.


So it wound up being:

- Pause FS 5x5 70kg

- Straddle hang 5x15s

- Jefferson curl slow 4x10 24kg

- Weighted lunge hold 4x30s R/L 20kg per hand

- Glute ham curl 4x5.


I sorted of blended the movements into a rolling superset to keep things moving along which was fun.

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Thu - CF

- Wall facing HS holds 2x30s with alternative toe taps

- 5' Cindy 5 rounds + 1

- 3x3 Push Press EMOM 50,60,70kg

- 6 RFT 5 Hang clusters 40kg, 10 Wall balls, 15 Sit ups. 12:25


That certainly balanced out the upper push/pull and squating shortfall.


Was a wading through treacle type of day so tomorrow definitely....


Fri - Rest

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Sat - Program Upper Push Pull and Lower Hinge

- Yuri band stretch from his new Vimeo.  Have been doing Kit's version for a while but played with new body angles, band heights and sequences

- 5 Sets Ring push ups x5 alt Wide-grip pull ups x5

- 3 Sets Ring support holds 30s alt 10kg DB rotations 10kg x 8

- 3 Sets Snatch grip RDL 40kg x8

- 3 Sets SL DL 20kg R/L x10

- 3 Sets SL Leg extensions R/L x10

- HS wall facing pulls.  New PR on free standing balance >5s.

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Sun - Rest.


At moment I'm getting so much DoMs.  Normally this doesnt affect me, but I think the new CF box doesnt do enough dynamic movement/get the blood flowing stuff warm up for this "old dog". Lots of good activation and limbering stuff but heart rate and muscles not so warm.  Plus I'm definitely recruiting muscles in new ways these days due to "the Program", since lots of sore glutes, hamstrings and lats.


Mon - Squat plus Lower Mob Focus

- 1000m row, 500m ski erg.  The latter is a real under-rated gym gem for shoulder opening and lat activation if done "mindfully".

- Wall HS holds in warm up.  Starting to click, finding I have to make effort to keep feet on wall rather than floating off. 

- OHS 9x15, 7x25, 5x35,45, 3x55,60, 1x 65,70kg.  New PR.

- BS 5x 80, 90, 100kg.  Just to tire the legs a bit more really.

- Cossack alternating keeping low 20x 16kg

- GH raise 3x 4. These are becoming easier.

- Stretching superset with pulsing 3x Elephant Walk, Hip Flexors then 1x Tailor Pose and Standing Pancake progression

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Tue - CF

- 3x10 Toes to Bar

- 3x5 DL 120kg

- Partner WoD 3 Rounds 15 TTB, 20 KBS 24kg, 25 DL 80kg, 30 Box Jump. 8:40.  I took 5 TTB and 15DL


Wed - Rest.  Left it too late to go to gym...


Thu - Upper Push Pull and Equilibre

- 1600m jog->run. So beautiful out for November. 

- 5x Ring push ups x5 alt. Ring rows FG x8. EMOM

- 3x L/R Rotations 10kg x10 LR, 30s Ring support hold

- Assorted handstand drills. Slowly gelling

- WoD Annie (50,40,30,20,10 Double Under, Situp) 8:00. One minute slower than PR...

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Fri - Squat and Upper Mobility+Support

- Yuri band sequence

- FS 5x5 40kg to 80kg

- 4x Cossack 10xLR 16kg alt GH Raise 5x

- WoD. Descending ladder 15, 12..., 3 OHS 35kg (45 reps total) alt 20m farmer carry c65kg per hand. 9:25

- Lying Pec stretches, SLDP

Havent done heavy-ish farmer-carries for ages. Should do more.

GH Raises almost felt easy today. That's big progress.

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Sat - CF

This was a real kitchen sink day...

- 1000m row warmup

- TGU 24kg 10x alternating

- Overhead plate lunges 24x 25kg

- 3 rounds - strict pull up 5x, push up 10x, PVC OHS 15x 5'

- 5 rounds - bear complex 5x 20, 25, 30, 35, 40kg (Clean FS PP BS PP =1)

- 1000m row - 3:35. Set out for 3:25 but underestimated impact of what went before and yesterday. LoL

Sun - Rest

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Danny, great to see you recently, and we will respond to your suggestions soon (collating a bunch of stuff).


Re. your DOMS: always worse for me if tired, or fighting off something; in my experience, this reaction is normal. +1 for the farmer-carries, too. Will be doing some today.

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@Kit.  Thanks for the note. No rush, a "salsa" will be lots better than any single contribution.


Mon - CF

Med ball cleans.  3x1:00 on, 0:30 off.

Tabata.  L Sit hang alt Ring support hold.  First L Sit Rx, next three sets were high (ie well above hips) knees.

Clean technique.

WoD "DT" at 50kg.  5 rounds 12 DL, 9 Hang Clean, 6 Push Press/Jerk. 9:50 then 60 DL until 15' timecap.


Wasn't interested in the "hero" dimension of this WoD today, so kept the weight down ("Rx" is 70kg) and focussed on keep hamstring engagement and using the glutes, and avoiding burn out of the spinal erectors that would be the normal outcome of this WoD (let alone the DL cashout).  Also quite happy with grip on this one, as the hang cleans take their toll.

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Tue - CF

Bodyline circuit x2.  Plank, side planks 30s each side. Second round with taps and raises.

Wall HS Holds 4x30s.  

02x0 Pause Front Squats 3x3 50, 60, 70kg.  Not really time to work up much more.

WoD "Cindy" 14 rounds 5 Pull up (kipping), 10 Push up, 15 Air squats. 20'.


Push ups killed me as usual, rest UB, I prefer the slight scale where you split the push ups before and after the squats.  On squats really focussed on torso upright and using glutes to come up by "screwing my feet into the floor" as the cue, which worked as didnt really feel my quads for once. 

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Wed - 5k jog interspersed with lunges squats pull-ups toes to rings etc.

Thu, Fri - Rest and travel

Sat - Program

- ski 500, row 1000, yuri bands

- superset 4x Wall HS Hold 30s, Strict pull-up x5, Strict bar dip x5

- work up to heavy 3 OHS. 55kg. Really not feeling these today so moved on.

- superset 4x BS x5, GH raise x5 60,70,80,90

- Cossack 3x20

- Jefferson 3x5 with 10s+ pulsing holds

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Sun - Program

- row 1000, ski 500

- bodyline circuit 45s 5 positions

- superset 5x Good mornings 50kg 30x0, German hangs

- superset 4x SL DL 20kg 8xLR, SL Back extension 8xLR

- superset 3x Cobra hangs, lat stretch


It's very bizarre working out alone in a cavernous facility.

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Tue - CF

Tabata Hollow Rock, Arch Rock.  Arch Rocks suddenly making sense.

3x 30s Hanging "Beat Swings"

2x Max Toe to Bar.  20x, 10x

3x5 Snatch Grip 1st 2nd Pulls 40kg

3x8 TnG DL 90kg


5 Rounds 45s work 15s transition

DL 90kg - singles 12 per round

Box Jump 30" - 10 per round

Toes to Bar - singles 10 per round


Real grip masher, especially the max toes to bar.


Looking back quite a lot of volume.  Really focused on avoiding QL strain on the DL, with success.  Normally Box Jumps after DL are gnarly.

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Wed - Rest


Thu - Mash Up

- Ski, Yuri bands, Goblet squat holds, Supported Cossack, 5-way bodyline 45s each way

- Front rack holds 30s EMOM. 145, 175, 205, 225, 245 lbs.  Made rack for pressing feel light but with hindsight toasted me, focussed on breathing and keeping tightest midline possible.

- Press progression.  First time in months I have done heavy (for me) pressing overhead "right way up"

a. 2 strict press, 2 push jerk, 2 split jerk 65, 85, 105lbs.  1RM strict press is 120lbs on a good day.

b. 2 push jerk, 2 split jerk 135, 155, 165lbs.  Very happy at ease push jerk here.

c. 2 split jerk 175, 185x1 lbs.  Happy to equal PR with relative ease, just missed second.

- 5 Rounds 10 air squat, 5 ring push ups, 3 strict pull ups.  4:30 not rushing

- 4 Rounds EMOM FS 135, 155, 175, 155.  Barely finished 175 so scaled back for round 4.

- 3 Rounds GH raise x5, Cossack squat x20 16kg, GH situp (from horizontal) x8.  First time doing GH situps, focussed on leg extension to initiate rise.

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Fri - Rest. Ran out of day.


Sat - CF

- Assorted bodyline drills and beat swings

- Pistols 2x5 each leg.  Right side way better recruitment from bottom, using 8kg KB in front to help balance.  Left still doing something wrong

- Tabata OHS 20kg, Ring support hold. First round 5 dips, but form sucked on first rep second round so just went for holds.

- 3x3 Full clean and Push jerk 40, 60, 70kg

- Open 13.4 .  Ascending ladder 3,6 etc.  Power clean Push jerk, toes to bar. 60kg. 7mins  26 CnJ, 18 TTB which equalled my competition full out best despite pacing quite a bit.

- after 3'.  500m row.  1:41.5.  12s off PR.

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Sun - ST Session

- First snow of the season here after an incredible run of Indian summer, so had a lazy day reading and stretching


New insight to my straight legged ankle stretch; I have been unwittingly tensing the front of the ankle as the stretch comes on, so no wonder it feels blocked.  Got a much better stretch in the calf once I worked that out.  If I had to guess what lead to this discovery would be I have been doing quite a lot of passive movement of the ankle through its full RoM as part of the foot sequence. 

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