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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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Thu - Gym

  • 1000m row, squat prep
  • 14' emom 4x back squat 60,70,80,90 then 10x60kg
  • superset 12,10,8 machine glute curl 40->50kg, quad curl 30->40kg, glute kick back 40->50kg
  • 3x20 weighted cossack squat (transition via horse stance) 10->15kg
  • row 4x500m with 3' between 1:49x3, 1:47

Leg day. Then played around with a couple of the machines at light weights.

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Fri - Gym

  • 10' 110kcal on stepper, some dislocates and stick external and internal rotations
  • Front rack overload hold building to 3x 130kg 15s
  • "Machine Mania" chest shoulder and back 12,10,8 reps 
    • Vertical Press 30-40 alt Vertical Pull 50-60
    • Horizontal Press 45-55 alt Horizontal Pull 50-60
    • Tris 30-40 alt Bis 30-40
    • Pec Fly 40-50 alt Scap Fly 30-40
    • Ab Curl 60-80 alt Back Ext 0-10
  • 10' 110kcal on stepper

100% non-functional exercise. Yay! These machines actually move really nicely.

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Sat - Gym

  • Quick hip and glute routine
  • 3x10 good morning 40-60kg
  • 3x5 deadlift 100-130kg
  • 12,10,8x db row 30-35kg alt db sldl 17.5-22.5kg
  • 12,10,8x back ext 0-15kg alt ab 20,15,10x ab curl
  • 3x tour of the weight room farmer carry x20-25m 40,44,48kg db
  • 1000m row easy, 10' incline treadmill brisk walk

A go with the flow workout with "hip hinge" as the theme.  Worked out well (sic) even if I say so myself.

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Sun - 18 Holes Golf, carrying bag

Mon - Gym

  • 1000m row
  • 3x5 barbell strict press with 3s hold at top. 20,30,40x3
  • "Machine Mania Redux" chest shoulder and back 12,10,8 rep pyramid
    • Vertical Press 30-40(+0 but had already just pressed) alt Vertical Pull 60-70(+10) 
    • Horizontal Press 50-60(+5) alt Horizontal Pull 50-70(+10)
    • Tris 35-45(+5) alt Bis 30-40(+0) 
    • Pec Fly 40-50(+0) alt Scap Fly 30-40(+0)
    • Ab Curl 60-80(+0) alt Back Ext 0-15(+5). Fourth set of 6 reps at 90 and 20kg plate.
    • Seated Dips 40-60
  • 10x c15mof gym "lunge track" 25kg DB in one arm snatch then waiter carry
  • 1000m row

Still homing in on the right weight settings. These really are very nice machines with the smooth load throughout the RoM and nice ergonomics, it makes it very easy to focus on things like shoulder/scapular position and form.  I know (or at least think) that its not necessarily the goal to have similar weights (or amount of the stack) on each apparatus, but it is interesting nevertheless, and my pulling is way ahead of pressing.  Anyway as "they" say sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

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Tue - Gym

  • 6' stepper, 1000m row, squat prep
  • emom 2' 4x back squat 70,80,90,100(+10) then emom 10x70kg. Felt very powerful, doing a bit of linear progression to get this back up.
  • Supersets 12,10,8
    • machine glute curl 40->50kg, quad curl 30->40kg,  Can go up on these next time
    • glute kick back 40->50kg, dip station leg raises.  Still need to focus on activation for the glute kicks.
    • ab curl 60-80(+0) alt weighted back ext 0-20(+5)
  • 3x20 weighted cossack squat (transition via horse stance) 12.5->17.5kg (+2.5)
  • row 5000m hardish 20:10, pretty slow really

Good day.


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On 9/7/2016 at 0:24 AM, Nathan said:

Good day to you too, sir.

LOL. Thanks!

Wed - Hotel Gym

  • Push, pull.  Vertical, horizontal. 

Thu - Run

  • 8km 46min.

Joined a group of project colleagues, only discovering later they were fairly well into training for a half marathon. Went surprising well given the lack of longer running of late.




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Fri - Gym

  • 6' stepper, hip and shoulder dynamic warm-up
  • EMOM 6’ OHS 5x40kg. Was going to do 10’ but was feeling my left wrist.
  • 12,10,8 reps
    • DB Row 25-35, Skull crusher 12.5-17.5, Hammer curl 12.5-15 (fail 17.5 left)
    • Leg extension 40-50 (+10), Hamstring curl 40-60 (+10)
    • Back extension 5-20 (+5), Ab curl 60-80
    • Seated row 60-80 (+6 90), Seated dip 40-60 (+6 80, +4 90)

Running late so went in with just a vague plan. The heavier hamstring curls followed by the weighted back extensions were true glute and hamstring mashers. Hope wrist is OK, was feeling some nerve irritation.

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23 minutes ago, SwissDanny said:

Oops... 4x70kg emom 10... only 2800kg, not 7000kg volume!!  I think 6x would be OK still, 8x hard, and as you say 10x sucky.. might have to give it a go!

Well I thought the same :) Nowadays I stay a bit away from firebreating and hardcore challenge but this seems so interesting. On the other hand, I'm not so sure about the benefits for someone (like me) when doesn't do it regularly :)

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Sat - Gym

  • 4 min step, 2 min row, dislocates
  • BTN Press x5, 25,30,35,40(new 5RM), alt Pull Down 12,10,8,6 70-90(+20)
  • 12,10,8
    • Pec Fly 40-50(+0), alt Scap Fly 30-40(+0)
    • Tris 40-50(+5) alt Bis 30-40(+0)
    • Ab Curl 60-80(+0) alt Back Ext 0-10(scaled back in favour of slight hyper-extension at top)
  • 10 min walk/jog
  • 1RM on seated cable row 5x40,50,60,70, 3x80,90. 1x100x for fun waiting for Jane to finish.

40 is normally a real struggle on the BTN press, so happy with progress there, positions felt very solid.  Must stretch biceps a bit, they are getting a pounding right now.


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22 minutes ago, Emmet Louis said:

Must of been a great day

It was. I have always struggled with the CF/Burgener approach to the second pull, as it just ended up in a jumping, thrusting early pull thing for me. I think Klokov's approach is something I can work with better; more in line with what works for me in the golf swing... start moving correctly from a solid setup position and the rest happens automatically.

Kelly Starrett would have been having kittens; toes being turned out 30 degrees or more especially in the snatch positions.  Lots of other good stuff...


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Tue - Rest

Wed - Gym

  • Bodypump 60'.  Dear Mr Klokov would of course have been distressed at seeing my "clean and presses"
  • Pull downs (70,80,90) alternating Presses (30,35,35)
  • Rows alternating (60,70,80) Dip Station (70,80,90)

My CF membership has expired, so back to operating from a classic gym.  I have found an Oly club fairly nearby, will go check that out.

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Thu - Gym

  • 1000m Row, Hip sequence
  • BS 3x4 80-100 (+0) alt BTN Press 3x4 25-35 (Easy)
  • 12,10,8
    • Leg ext 40-60 (+10) alt Leg curl 50-70 (+10)
    • Back ext (+0) alt Seated Ab Curl 60-80 (+0). Klokov style back ext with 10kg BB behind neck
    • BB bi curl 20-30 (+0) alt Skull crusher 15-20 (+2.5)
  • 4x500m row 1:1 rest 1:48x3, 1:43x1

Fairly workaday day.  Reading Arnies Encyclopedia of BodyBuilding, not cause I have designs in that direction, but realize I know a lot about strength training but nothing much about BB.


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Fri - Golf tournament

Sat - Gym

  • Rolling BB superset (ie start warming up next move between working sets of previous)
    • DL 5x4x120kg. Bar has a slippery chrome finish.
    • BP 5x4x70kg. Felt solid.
    • GM 3x6x60kg
  • 12,10,8 Machine supersets
    • Leg Ext 40-60(+6x70,+4x80) alt Leg Curl 50-70. Let Ext improving rapidly.
    • Row 70-90* alt Dip 60-80*
    • Lat Pull 70-90*
  • 15,12,10,8
    • Ab Curl (only 4x90*) alt Back Ext (0, then 10kg BTN Klokovs)

Still enjoying my little gym routines. Sort of legs and back today.

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Mon - Gym - Upper A

  • BB Bench Press 60kgx8,8,8
  • BB Rows 60kgx8,8,8
  • Incline DB Press 14kgx10,10,10
  • Machine Lat Pull-Downs 80x10,10,10
  • Lateral DB Raises 6kgx12,12,12
  • Cable Triceps Press-Downs 20kgx10,8,15kgx10
  • DB Curls 10kgx12,12,10
  • Hanging Knee Raises BWx15,15,12,12,12

Thought I'd try out a more structured routine, this is an upper/lower 4x per week split with alternating workouts from aworkoutroutine.com. Im not used to doing so many higher rep sets, and the isolation movements, so started off easy and got all the reps done (its linear progression), but still totally failed on the triceps press downs (was meant to be 12 across)! Ouch! I added in the abs work; it was nice to hang and stretch out the arms, and I think abs just 2x per week isnt really enough.


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Tue - Gym - Lower A

  • RDL 80kg 3x8. With straps
  • Lying Leg Press 100 3x10. Not a fan, going to sub Front squats
  • Seated leg curls alt. seated leg ext 50 3x10
  • Leg Press Calf Raises 100x8.  Varying foot angle.
  • Core 3 rounds. This part is not prescribed.
    • 15x BW Back Extension
    • 15x 60 Ab Curl Machine
    • 10/10x Standing Cable Twist @5 setting
  • Core 2 rounds 15s Iso Cable Twist Hold Square On @10 setting

Further reading this routine is similar to Lyle McDonalds generic bulking routine, so I will read some of the 100 pages of posts on bodyrecomposition.com about this routine to understand and maybe tweak a little to my goals.

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Wed - Gym

  • Body pump.  Nuff said.

Thu - Gym - Upper B

  • Pull ups strict 5,5,4. Ouch out of practise
  • BTN press 3x8 30kg. Superset with pull ups.
  • Seated row 3x8 70 setting.
  • DB Bench Press. 3x10 15kg per hand. Never done these before, must check form.
  • Reverse flye. 2x12 25 setting
  • BB Curl 2x12 20kg. Tried the EZ bar was harder...
  • BB Skull crushers 2x12 20kg.  Will superset next time.
  • Core 3 rounds
    • 15 BW back extension
    • 15 ab curl 60 setting
    • DB Carries 30m 52kg per hand.  Used straps, but did warm up sets at 40,44,48 without.
    • 30s hang grip 3 ways.

Was reading some Dan John articles, including this new one about training as you age http://pin.it/bkDiAwP ... penance for Dan John is always weighted carries (or lots KBS)!

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