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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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Wed, Thu, Fri - Recovering still

Still coughing. Finally got the doctor to confirm it was a viral cold, so not much other than time and rest to cure.

Sat - Airbike 20mins 200cal

Sun - Golf 18holes, carried bag.  Finally not feeling unusually hot or out of breath.

Mon - Open Gym

  • Biked to and from gym
  • 5x5 Backsquat 60kg BTN Press 25kg
  • 12' amrap. 20m farmer carry 64kg, 3 pull up, 6 push up, 9 air squats. 7 rounds + the carry

Went really easy on the weight and intensity.

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Tue - Open Gym

  • Warm up and bar skills
  • 20 emom.  High hang squat clean and jerk. 60kg across. Very high hang so was limiting factor
  • 15 amrap. 100m farmer carry 32kgx2, 50m sled push. 3 rounds.

Trialling a programme track "Train" by Julie Foucher. GPP CF focus.  Designed to be done in an hour, each session comes with a full timer for the whole hour including for the warm up and cool down.  That was the closest thing to a virtual coached class.

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Wed - Gym

  • DL 3x4 120kg.  First DL since I tweaked my back, was fine.
  • 5x Tabatas 1' break between.  12 Air squat, 8 Alternating KB Push Press 20kg, 8 Situp, 10 Step Up, 6 Knees Up
  • 12' emom.  4 strict pull up (various grips) altnernating 4 strict bar dips

Testing out a free week at a regular gym, but one that doesnt seem to have much concept of functional training. Day 2 of the Train program, not sure if next sessions 20' emom snatches will go down so well.

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Thu - Gym

  • Dynamic warm up toy soldiers, bear crawl, heaven and earth lunges
  • Built up to a heavy single BS and BTN Press for the day 120kg, 45kg.
  • 8,6,4 hammer curls (12.5,15,17.5) and db rows (20,25,30)
  • Assorted random machine stuff; press, triceps, front cable raise, gh raises, quad and ham curls, glute press

Got to find a slightly more structures session to try out.  Going to the yoga class this evening, see how that is.

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Fri - Gym

  • 40 mins of gentle cardio rower, bike, stepper, incline treadmill
  • Some stretching

Thursday's yoga was Strala Yoga, an extremely informal flow yoga, which was actually great for doing ST style limbering.  Before that did an hour of "deepWork" an Austrian Les Mills style jump around bodyweight class.

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Sat - Gym

  • Biked up to warm up 5k 250vm
  • Superset 3x 3 BS 100kg, 5 BB Curl 30kg, 5 BTN Press 30kg
  • Superset 3x 8 DB row 30kg, 10 SLDL 20kg
  • Superset shoulder prehab DB 7kg supine triceps curls, triceps raises, supine biceps curls, biceps raise

Made up along the way session, but worked out OK.

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Sun - Gym

  • Row 1000m with drills, ring rows, squats, pushups
  • Tspine, dislocates, goblet squats
  • 10' EMOM 3 OHS 40kg
  • 8' EMOM 3 toes to bar 3 pull ups 5 pushups
  • 8 250m row intervals 1:50 pace, 1:00 break between
  • Limbering focus hips

Definitely still lacking strength power and endurance post flu/cold; 1:50 for 250m felt like 1:45 for 500m should.


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Mon - Gym

  • Body Pump Class

Ouch all those partial reps at weeny weights are painful, especially the biceps curls and bench presses. As Dan John says, there's a lot of value in doing movements one is inefficient at. As there is a mirror in the studio, I could take a look at symmetry, and was very pleased with shoulders.

Continuing my weeks free membership test of how I could work out in a regular gym.  It would be a definite yes if there was a bit more of functional area to do simple HIIT workouts.

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Tue - CF

  • Habitual warm up, less boring than usual as I haven't done it for ages
  • 5x legless rope climbs, slowly less of an exercise in total futility, but still 
  • 6x power snatch complex. High hang, hang, full. 50kg, for me a decent weight from the high hang, so solid
  • 10' amrap. 3 DL 120kg, 6 burpees, 9 toes to bar.  6 rounds, sort of WoD I enjoy.

Still paying dues to mid September, so may as well go when the content looks fun.

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Wed - Rest

Thu - Open Gym

  • 10' emom. Muscle clean, progressing to 75kg. This is a bit daft since my one rep max clean is 85kg
  • 15' emom. Hang squat clean and push jerk upto 70kg.  Especially as I failed the clean at 75kg on this one
  • 10' emom 2'. Pause front squat 60kgx5. These were taking 30s for a set.
  • 8' emom. 12 wall ball. Were meant to be heavy but only had 20# ball to hand.
  • Quad stretch. No kidding after all that.

This was another one of the TRAIN sessions. I switched out the WoD since it had burpees and toes to bar that I alread did on Tue.

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Fri - Open Gym

  • 500m Row, 10 KB High Pulls, 10 KB OH Lunges, 10 KB SLDL 12kg warm up. Effective little warm up.
  • 14' amrap 250m Row, 15 Russian KBS 24kg, 5 Jumping bar muscle up. Fun
  • 5x3 DL, 3' between. 110, 120, 130, 140, 150kg. Heaviest for ages, felt strong.

Another TRAIN session, slightly modified to suit equipment and inclination.

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Sat - Open Gym

  • 10 EMOM. 2 muscle snatch. Up to 45kg
  • 15 EMOM. 1 high hang squat snatch. Up to 40kg
  • 10 EMOM 2. 5 OHS. Up to 50kg
  • Tabata box jumps, toes to bar

Sun - Open Gym

  • 5 RFT. 250m row. 16 24kg KB snatch. 13:05.  7' break. 
  • 7 RFT. 10 ring row, 10 pistol to bench, 10 BTN press strict 30kg. Time capped 15' 5 rounds

More TRAIN sessions. Modifying fairly freely as the volume is otherwise high, but fun and the virtual coach via a programmable timer works really well. 

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Mon - Active Recovery

  • Light backsquats, hammer curls, DB rows and skull crushers

Away for the week, checking out a local gym. This one at a local college, very basic.

Tue - Gym

  • Row 1000m, some TGU upto 24kg
  • DL 10..1 increasing loads upto 160kg. Heaviest for a long while, solid.
  • BTN Press 10..1 increasing loads upto 40kgx2, fail at 45kg
  • For Time. 1000m row then 3 rounds 12 bulgarian bag swings 18kg, 12 slam ball 10kg, 12 box jump overs 60cm.  Approx 12'
  • Vertical box jump 3x80cm, 2x100cm.  No legs for the third at 100cm

Former Virgin Active. Decent functional area.

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Wed - CF Drop In 

  • 3x5 Jumping BS 40,40,40
  • 3x5 Strict Press with 5s Hold 30,40,40
  • 6x3 Two Position Snatch Pull 30,40,50 alt Clean Pull 40,50,60
  • 4x3 Hang Power Snatch 3 30,40,45,50
  • 4x3+1 C&J Complex 3+1 40,50,60,70

Barbell class.  Great fun, good coaching.

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Thu - Gym

  • 1000m row with pick drills, limber
  • 4x10 complex bb row, bb good morning 20->50kg
  • 4x5 backsquat 40->100kg
  • 10' stepper increasing each minute 150->300w
  • 1000m row with 3x100m sprints second half

Just moving around a bit, tomorrow with be travel with rest.

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Fri - Rest and travel

Sat - Open Gym

  • Warm up airdyne alternating DB snatch
  • 20' amrap 30 box jump, 20 push press 115lbs, 30 pull ups.  2 rounds + 20 pull ups
  • 10' emom 3 overhead squat, working up to 105lbs

Another TRAIN day.  The hour long timer is great.


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Sun - Open Gym

  • Warm up  rowing alternating KB swing and OH lunges
  • For time 250m row, 10 dips, 10 power snatch 40kg, 10 dips 250m row 10 ring row, 10 power clean 60k, 10 ring row, 250m row. 9'45"
  • 10' emom 3 BTN Press 30kg

Was meant to do some skin the cats, and arch/hollow rocks, but shoulders felt tired.

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Mon - Rest

Tue - Open Gym

  • General warm up including hips and shoulders dynamic mob and 3x clean complex w. empty bar
  • 10' emom 1x muscle clean 40->70kg
  • 15' emom 1x pause at knee power clean and push jerk 50->80kg
  • 10' emom 2x FS 60->80kg.  Heaviest FS for a while
  • 8' emom 6x burpee box jump 24". 2:1 work:rest

One of those fun sessions you drag yourself to, dont hold hopes for, but results is breakthroughs.  Applied a cue/observation from last weeks' CF drop-in, bar was flying up, hit you in the chin style.  Big fan of emoms, I find it a perfect amount of time to recover and get "in the zone" for technique work.

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Wed - Open Gym TRAIN programming

  • 500m row, 5 tabata warm up rounds air squat/wall ball, wall HS hold, KBS 20kg
  • 200 double unders, 1000m row, 100 75lbs push press. Got time capped at 15:00 and 85 push press...
  • 10' emom 2DL 100->140kg.  Felt heavy after the previous segment
  • 5' amrap strict pull up. 30, about right started off with two every 20s, last minute  singles every 10s

The warm ups on this program are a bit "aggressive", need to ramp up a bit more slowly. The double unders killed me, havent done many for a while, not helped by being hot and airless. Another fun one though.

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Thu - CF

  • Habitual warm up plus 5' HeSPU skills
  • 4x2 Bear complex in 8' 40, 50, 60, 70kg. Failed second at 70kg.
  • 21,15,9 Backsquat 60, Front squat 50, Overhead squat 40kg, with same number pushups between. 8:00. Push ups were a real grind.

Fun session on tired legs and arms and in sauna like airless conditions. Was still sweating an hour later. Rest day tomorrow.

EDIT: Some additional reflection on the OHS today.  Normally I have to work up to 40kg, today hit them straight out for 9 reps and felt I was really able to "stack" the OH position, I could feel the back working to do this, rather than the front of the shoulder.  I've definitely noticed a material improvement in scapular mobility of late, and the main ingredients have been regular ie 5x per week combination of Yuri band work, dislocates and light BTN press.

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Fri - Rest


  • Hip and shoulder dynamic warm up, Burgener style snatch warm up
  • 10 emom. Muscle snatch 30->50kg (c75% max) 
  • 15 emom. Pause squat snatch 30->50kg. Slowly starting to feel more comfortable catching in the squat.
  • 10 emom. 2x Back squat. 60->100kg. Last 6' at 100kg
  • 10 amrap 3xDL 120kg, 6 Burpee overs, 9 Toes to bar. 6 Rounds. One of those ones where the burpee is the recovery. Box WoD of the day.

The squat snatch catch is of course a by product of the OHS improvements mentioned re Thursday. Definitely a new phase, although compared to a real lifter I move in slo-mo. Video evidence (slo-mo of slo-mo even)... 


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  • Warm up, Row 250m alternating BB OH Lunges, then warm up pull ups and OHS
  • 21,15,9 OHS 95lbs, Pull Ups. 9:30 or so. Grinding on the pullups. Almost destroyed iPad with BB
  • 15' amrap 45s KB front rack hold 24kgx2, 45s farmer hold, 250m row. 4 rounds+50m row

There was meant to be a third WoD with push ups and jumping lunges, but literally forgot to do it. The holds were brutal, first round unbroken then 25/20s, I guess the intended run would have allowed a shake out of the grip, but since I rowed instead...

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  • Jog with running limbers 400m, row 500m, a few double unders to get timing right
  • CF Games 2014 Triple 3.  3000m row, 300 double unders, 3miles run.  49:20.  First longer run for ages, was slooow.

Fun to do something aerobic and longer. Not as bad as I expected not having done a longer piece for a long long time.

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Tue - Gym

  • 500m row with pick drills, elephant walk, squat, worlds greatest stretch hips limber, dislocates shoulders
  • 5x5 BTN Press alt BB Curl 10->30kg
  • 3x8 DB Rows 20->30kg alt DB Skull Crushers 15->20kg
  • 3x10 Back extension alt Knees up

Active recovery day really.  Joined the regular gym where I recently had a trial week recently, other than oly lifts and probably toning down and adapting the WoDs I think I can keep training fairly in line with goals there at a fraction of the cost of Crossfit.

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  • Dynamic squat and dislocates, then 3 rounds row 45s, alternate wall HS hold
  • 25' to find 1RM snatch. 60kg equalled PR.
  • 15' amrap. 7 BTN press 30kg, 7 strict pull up, 7 bench 50kg, 7 ring row. Good push, pull combo.

Long time since a max snatch, not really feeling it. Hey ho. But it was a better lift than the previous one.


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