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Swiss Danny Workout Log


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Wed - MTB one hour technique work

Thu - CF

  • emom 5' 6 strict pull-ups
  • emom 5' 10 push-ups 
  • emom 5' hang power clean x2 hang clean x1 complex 55kg
  • 9' amrap 9 Burpees 9 DL 6 hang power clean 5 push press 50kg. 5 rounds. 

Fri - CF

  • 2 rounds 30:15 push-ups, ring rows, HS hold, DU
  • 12' amrap 12 box steps 20kgx2, 12 box jumps, 12 pistol progressions, 12 strict press 20kg. 3+0 rounds
  • 9 station 30:15 core circuit

Sat - CF

  • 3x3 DL 130kg across
  • 21,15,9 DL 100kg HeSPU progressions 7:30
  • 3' amrap 15 WB 5 Pull-ups 50 reps 

Happy just to go and do what's on the menu and put in some volume as an antidote to work irritations. Plus will be away most of next week so can take it easy. 

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Sun - PreHab Session

  • Long narrow, wide elephant walk, regular, cossack squat sequence using 30kg kb as anchor/prop
  • 5x BTN press x6, BB curl x10.  10->30kg
  • 3x SLDL x 8/8, Jefferson Curl x6. 20kg
  • All movements done slow and mindfully
  • Cobra and passive extensions, then touch the wall behind and come up again under own steam, heels far from wall as possible

This is my 500th post on the forum!  Although quite a few are activity log stuff of course.

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Mon - Travel

Tue - Beach WoD

  • 5x6 strict pull-ups
  • 5x10 push-ups, 20 air squat
  • 6x50m swim

Wed - Greek Wedding

Thu - Beach WoD 

  • 5 rounds 300m beach run, 5 pull ups, 10 roundabout push-ups, 15 air squats. 17:30
  • Decent squat stretch session

Fri - Travel

Bitter sweet week celebrating wedding of good friends, one of whom is fighting stage 4 cancer...

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Mon - Open Gym

  • 1000m row, 500m ski
  • Yuri bands and goblet squat routine
  • 3x5 complex BTN Press, OHS, BB Curl 30kg.  Plus warm up sets 15,20,25kg
  • 3x5 complex RDL, BB Row 50kg, Plus warm up sets 30, 40kg
  • WoD 10' EMOM 10 KBS, 5 Goblet Squat 24kg, was about 1:1 work rest.

Another go with the flow workout, seems to have a decent mix of push, pull, squat and hinge, plus in and out in 45 mins.

WoD was Dan John inspired; I re-read Before You Go on the plane last week. Boy was I sweating by the end. Im quite tempted to try his 10,000 swings in 20 days program.  500 swings a day, in 5 rounds of 10,15,25,50 rep sets. 2-3mins between rounds and 30-60s between sets.

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Tue - Open Gym

  • Light Fran 21/15/9 30kg thurster/jumping Pull Up. 5:20
  • 5:20 row and rest 50kcal 
  • Light Grace 30x 40kg clean and press. 2:24
  • 2:24 row and rest 20kcal
  • Light Isabel 21/15/9 80kg DL/HR Push Up 6:00
  • 6:00 row and rest 50kcal
  • Light Isabel 30x 40kg power snatch 4:40

Total 32:10,  this is a slight variation on a 4 person team event for an upcoming competition. Needed to use some energy so did it all myself.

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Wed - QL and Piriformis stretching. Need to do more.

Thu - Open Gym

  • 500/500 row ski plus general hip and shoulder prep
  • 3x5/5 KB Press 20kg
  • 5x5 BS 90kg alt BTN Press 30kg
  • 3x10/10 SLDL 20kg alt 5 BB curl 30kg
  • HS progressions

BTN felt great so did singles at 37.5 and 40kg. New PR with good form.

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Fri - Rest Day

Sat - CF and MTB

  • Habitutal warm up and drills
  • Pistol progressions.  Eek I seem to have gotten worse at these
  • Snatch complex.  EMOM 5' high hang PS, hang PS, PS. 40kgx2, then EMOM 50kg
  • Partner WoD.  30 ring row, 2x 20 PS 50kg, 30 push ups, 40 box jump, then 30 candle roll to pistol

Then an hour or so on the bike, mostly doing some technique stuff, big focus on looking further ahead where I want to go, since the bike does tend to follow, but not easy when the cost of failure increases.

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Sun - Rest Day with about an hour of MTB skills practise

Mon - CF

  • Habitual warm up incl 2x15s Pull Ups, 2x60s HS Wall Hold away and facing
  • Snatch technique
  • WoD A. 2' for max Frog-stand hold. 15s.
  • WoD B. 6' Partner 5,10,15,20.  Snatch 30kg, OverBar Burpee.
  • WoD C. 6' for 5RM BS. 100kg.
  • WoD D. 3' for Row max pull. 1:17 pace.

The WoDs were prep for a team competition on Saturday.

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Tue - CF

  • Habitual warm up incl 2x15s pullups and 5' handstand and frog-stand practise.
  • WoD A. 3' partner max pullups. 85.
  • WoD B. 8' partner row. 162kcal
  • WoD C. 8' partner 10 thruster 20 ground to overhead 40kg.  3+10

More prep for Sat.  Was fun as well matched with partner so we pulled each other on the WoDs.  Found a fairly relaxed way of holding the frog stand, so it will boil down to concentration and focus rather than endurance.

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Wed - Muay Thai Trial

  • 60+ Min of 1:1 Intro to Thai Boxing.

Last time I did any combat sport was 40 odd years ago, one judo class.  This new local gym is basically offering PT based around Thai Boxing, rather than being a full on fighting gym.  Was great fun, sweat a lot, and was happy with my fitness and flexibility for the kicking.

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Sun, Mon - Recovery

We did OK in the competition.  125th out of 310 teams in our category, not too bad with three relative beginners on the team and average age 43.  I was teaching movements prior to our heat and working out who could manage what weights.

I managed to (unusually) get back to really tighten up in the first of three events doing DL.  A further two long events with quite a lot of back intensive movements really didnt help, so spent yesterday hobbling around.  It's a bit better today... not injured but very tight indeed.

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Tue, Wed - Easy Bike Rides

Back still tight but mobility and some gentle cycling seem to help.

Thu - CF

Took it easy.  Overhead lunges.  Knees raises. Ring rows. Felt ok.

Fri - Travel, Sat - Easy

Was a mistake just taking the over the shoulder bag.  Back tightened up again walking around airports with awkward load.



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Sun - Walk and MTB

  • AM 90mins brisk walk
  • PM 90mins MTB tour

Mon - OG

  • 1600m jog with dynamic warm up stations every 100mx8 then 2x400m
  • 1000m row, 500m ski, tabata HS hold alternating bodyline circuit
  • Some gentle weighted work KBS, Light BS, BB Curls, Strict Press

Lets see how the back reacts... it has settled down to right glute.

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Tue - Vinyasa Yoga

  • 90mins been a while, realized how tight my hips are still after my "seize up"

Continuing to try new things, and refresh some old ones, not that Im much of a yogi.  Most local studios do straight up hatha or yin yoga, but I prefer vinyasa, so nice to find a place that offers drop-ins and that.

Bike is in the shop as the crankshaft freewheel bust, maybe I can put some power through the pedals, that, or it was just defective...

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Wed - OG

  • Row, Ski, Dynamic mobility, Wall HS holds and hovers.  
  • 3x3,3 TGU 16, 20, 24kg.  Should do these more often
  • 5x5 Strict Pull up, 5x5 BTN Press 35kg
  • 3x5 DL 80kg, 3x5 BB Curl 30kg
  • 3x10 Knee raises, 10 Push ups, 10 Air squats
  • Kneeling hip flexor.  So tight needs lots of work.

Added a bit of volume and intensity.  First DL in 10 days, was OK.

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Thu - MTB

  • 20km 60min 500vm 115avg HR.  Back was tight again.

Fri - OG

  • Light session with lots of stretching.  Focus hip flexors, tailor pose and glutes

Sat - CF

  • Usual warm up, including 2x15s pull-up
  • 3x8 FS alternating Strict Press
  • 20' EMOM, 4 rounds of
  • 5 TTB 5 Pull-ups 5 Push-ups 5 Air Squat
  • 4 FS 4 Lunges
  • 50 skips
  • 5 hang clean and jerk
  • 12 box jumps

Warmed up with more hip flexor and tailor pose, the latter seems to help. 

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Sun - Golf

  • 18 holes carrying, was very hot and humid on a hilly course.  Back was fine, hit some great drives, rest was "hit and miss" with little practise.

Mon - OG

  • Row 1000m, Ski 500m, hip and shoulder dynamic mobility
  • 5x5,5,5 complex BTN press, Good morning, OHS
  • 3x5,5,10 BB curl 30kg, Backsquat 70kg , Reverse hyper 40kg

Still really hot and humid and no air moving in the gym, dripping sweat after this very moderate session.

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Tue - Rest

  • Planned to work out but felt meh

Wed - OG

  • AM Limbering Session
  • PM General warm up
  • Hang Power Snatch 5x3 progression to 70% 45kg
  • BTN Jerk 5x3 progression to 70% 65kg
  • Back Squat 5x3 progression to 70% 100kg
  • 2x3 Snatch grip DL at 80% 55kg
  • 4x4 Press progression to 45kg
  • 2x7 GH back extensions
  • 2x14 Reverse hyper 40kg. Think this is good for the lower back, that is pretty much OK now.
  • WoD 10x EMOM 45s Sled push 40kg, 3/3 KB press 16kg

Apart from the mini WoD, the day was a trial of Bob Takano Master WL 8 week program.  I'm attending a Klokov seminar in two months and this looks like it might be a fun focus.  I liked the way between the exercises I was basically just loading up the bar progressively, kept the momentum.

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Thu - CF

  • Habitual warm up.  Tried the hollow to arch rolls today, certainly need to still take care on that movement.
  • 6' EMOM. 5 Hang PS alternating 5 OHS.  50% of OHS RM so 35kg.
  • 5' amramp 10 BS 50kg 10 Ring row  3+5rep
  • 2' break then 5' amrap 10 FS 40kg 10 Push up 2+5reps
  • 2' break then 5' amrap 10 OHS 30kg 10 Ring row. 3+0reps

Fri - Rest

The Thu WoD was good fun and surprisingly taxing, perhaps because with hindsight I have been coming down with a Summer cold for 48 hours.  Oh well, slept 3 hours this afternoon, hopefully a good night sleep and all will be well. 

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Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue - Rest and Stretching

Summer cold has proved resilient, but hopefully getting there.  As it's on my chest, haven't trained but did stretch and limber a fair bit. Hopefully the almost complete rest will have allowed the glute/back to recover completely too.

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Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun - Recovery

Actually got worse, only started feeling better on Sat am.  It's viral so not much to do but slog it out, which takes a little longer with each passing year.  Well enough to be thoroughly bored by now, almost ten days since I did any training which is the longest for a couple of years now.

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Mon - 30 min easy walk.  Still felt too hot by the end of it. 

Tue - Airbike 40mins 400cal. Zone 2 effort between 200-300w.  

Nice to be able to add back some activity, but will still avoid getting heavily out of breath for a couple of days.


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