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      Liv and Kit need your collective help!   10/24/2017

      We are about to make the Absolute Beginner's Stretching series. These will be follow-along, solo exercise programs (no partner work). How do make all those people who need these programs aware of them? I have started a new thread on this topic today: https://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1355-absolute-beginners-stretching-series/  

Sydney Into the Stretch lying relaxation

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Hello all,

This is the lying relaxation from the last day, which we did first thing in the morning. It is slower paced than most, and has longer pauses—the attendees found it relaxing. There is the sound of a jet passing overhead (we were under a flight path), so if you hear that, you did not fall asleep!

This is an .mp3 files, so will download directly into iTunes or on to any MP3 player; you only need to save the files onto your desktop and load into whatever listening device you use.

The file can be downloaded HERE.

Please post feedback, too; I am constantly refining this approach.

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Can someone try this and let me know if there are any glitches; I seem to be operation at warp speed presently, and testing is time-consuming. TIA, Kit

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There is some background noise or buzzing during the instructions. In the muted portions there is no ambient sound at all, not even the ones coming from the people in the room, which gives it a funny sort of feel ie. not so "real".

I personally liked the slow pace very much.

thanks for this.

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Yes, I was about to say the same as Frederik - the muted portions are quite off-putting. There's one point in particular near the start which made me jump both times I listened to the recording when the instructions started up again. Having said that, on both listens I ended up falling asleep before the end, so it can't be that distracting!

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it.

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