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This link will take you to the page where the trailer can be viewed; from here you can buy the program too. Let's see if we can crash Vimeo's servers!

This the thread to discuss everything to do with this program.

The PDF, showing end positions and giving the key Cues, can be downloaded here:


My idea is that you print the PDF version to take to training; it is an 'aide memoir'.

Please use the PDF as the reference for discussing anything to do with programming or execution. The following is the Table of Contents of the PDF:

L1: Sumo squat

E1A–E1D: Calf exercises

  • E1A: Wall/step calf, straight-leg version
  • E1B: Wall/step calf, bent-leg version
  • E1C: Solo single leg dog pose
  • E1D: Partner single leg dog pose

L2A–L2C: Squat limbering exercises

  • L2A: Full squat explanation
  • L2B: Full squat sequence
  • L2C: RollStretch squat

E2: Standing piriformis

L3: Boxing the compass

E3: Relaxed lunge

L4: Baby flop

L5A–L5D: Cossack squat exercises

  • L5A: Cossack squat wall support
  • L5B: Cossack squat with kettlebell
  • L5C: Cossack squat free variations solo
  • L5D: Cossack squat free variations partner

E4A–E4C: Hip abduction exercises

  • E4A: Squashed frog - solo
  • E4B: Squashed frog - partner
  • E4C: Squashed frog - partner w/bolster

L6: Yuri Cossack

L7: Seated figure 4

L8: Inside squat

E5A–E5D: Piriformis exercises

  • E5A: Seated piriformis
  • E5B: Seated piriformis wall support
  • E5C: Lying wall piriformis
  • E5D: Wall piriformis

E6: Standing knee lift

E7: Diamond pose

E8: Full squat and sumo squat

And the short story of 'how to use? See thanner's post here:



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Please advise if there are any problems with the download, too. Cheers, and please wait until tomorrow to tell friends about this. We will be publicising on FB and YT tomorrow, too.

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We sorted out a lot of production problems as we went along; the later programs are even better in this regard. Only the people involved can understand the huge amount of work involved. So far, the income is exactly $33! I would have done them anyway; as a body of knowledge, this does not exist anywhere else and we needed it.

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@ Anders: I honestly don't know the answer to that.

Five mins later: we just tested: once you pay, all eps become downloadable, and they don't expire, after you "Buy all". So download them as you want them. And finding an exercises or function is much easier organised this way, too (otherwise you'd have to scrub though 88 mins of video).

"Buy all" enables the downloading of all eps., and it looks as though that's the way Vimeo set it up (and we uploaded episode by episode, too). Should help Vimeo's back end, too (less chance of crashing the servers, I would think)

There appears to be a bug (or it's a "design feature!) that any "Watch Now" buttons alongside a ep. only plays the trailer, not the episode. This might be hard-wired into their back end; I will check and report back when I know.

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That cracked me up, but it's a potential problem, too. Clearly we will need to keep this special price for 48 hours, not 24. OK; now I know, and that's what I will do. Thanks for letting me know.

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@ Sol:

ANd what about the forum where we discuss programming. Thanks

See first post above:

"This is the thread to discuss everything to do with this program."

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As a whole, I think this is great. I tried some of the moves, and the benefits of the stretches definitely extend beyond just being able to squat. Video is great -- the multiple angles really help. Many of the moves, I've never seen or even heard of

If we want to get really anal-retentive about it, then at some points the audio goes a little "soft", but you can still definitely hear what is being said. Overall, this product is, IMO, leaps and bounds ahead of any other program I've purchased online. And as far as stretching programs go -- well, there really is no competition. Really fantastic work guys

I would have done them anyway; as a body of knowledge, this does not exist anywhere else and we needed it.

Thanks Kit; that's why we all love you so much :)

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This is great stuff Kit, really well made.

The beginning position of the L3 boxing the compass stretch seems to pinpoint the problem I have with my hips that I spoke of in the butterfly stretch thread a couple of weeks ago. In the beginning position of the L3 I feel all the restriction in my hips laterally, not in the adductors, but in the abductors or rotators. Is this common? Any tips on that?

BTW I feel something similar in the standing knee lift when I try to lift the knee out as much as I can.

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sorry in advance to everyone who has to watch me be inappropriately manipulated by Kit :P

"sorry"? You mean "you're welcome"? :P

Is the download episode by episode or is there a way to download everything (88 mins) in one file?

I don't think Vimeo lets you download a "series" in one hit unfortunately.

I set up a directory on my HD and individually saved each episode into it. I then manually gave each episode a rolling number so the folder displays each file in the order of the series:


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