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Sleep Relaxation Script/Recording?

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Can anyone steer me in the direction of a relaxation recording Kit has done focused on improving sleep?

One of favourite parts of the ITS workshop was the relaxation session at the end of each day.

I know with those sessions Kit made a point that you should try NOT to fall asleep (I may have fallen asleep at least once!).

So, with that in mind, hoping there might be a recording that is geared more towards the sleep end than the relaxation end of the spectrum.

If not, perhaps Kit might be able to record one!



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Thanks guys.

I tried out Andrew Johnson & tried the app. I actually found there was 'too much' going on in that one i.e. too much background music etc.

I much prefer Kit's dulcet tones haha!

Will also try C'Ville one.

Maybe we can get Kit to record a sleep-based relaxation at an upcoming workshop & post it here...

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I don't know how many recordings I have here, but there must be 20 or so. If the C'ville ones don't work, try all the Govinda Valley ones. I recall in at least one of them I mention sleep, and how to let sounds pass through one's body as a means of not being disturbed by those same sounds when they happen at night. All the scripts will help with sleep, actually; being actually relaxed when you go to bed helps the whole process. Staying awake while you do the practise actually helps the sleep part.

Simple additional steps: do not use the computer before sleeping (whether movies or work); eat early (before the sun sets, ideally, don't exercise before bed, don't drink too much, and consider installing f.lux (thanks Craig R!).

I definitely can make a recording that is designed explicitly to help people sleep; but not this week—I have an immense amount on.

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Thanks Kit!

I have heard of this f.lux previously - will definitely check it out.

I think we need to help Kit put together an 'app' that could incorporate his relaxation recordings - there is definitely a market for them!

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