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A personal milestone: "How to sit for meditation" video on demand download

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Hello everyone. I hope this is the shape of things to come: my Vimeo on Demand channel begins today

Adding @Nathan's Cheat Sheet:


Once the ST for GST programs are ready to go, this will be the format (but as a "Series" rather than one-off programs, as this one is). A series contains a number of 'programs'; this term will be replaced by exercises in our usage, like this:

The Master the Pike Series contains 13 'programs' (exercises); you will be able to buy the series or individual exercises. Maximum flexibility for all.

The program How to sit for Meditation can be rented or bought outright, for the princely sum of $3.49!

And, adding here courtesy of AndrewL:

A cheat sheet if anyone is interested. I have printed this and stuck to my wall, maybe will help others...

How to sit for meditation limbering

Slow gentle awareness inside body

Elephant walk

Squat, side to side, knee circles, adduction, rotation

Burmese, side with tiny rotation, pelvis trunk walk forward rest, up then either side. Hook thumbs, pull forward again. Change legs over & repeat.

Tailor, small contractions, pelvis forward. Stronger balance version.

Seated piriformis one leg extended, then bent, breathe into inside of hip

Instep, move calf, weight on hip, relieve cramp

Quadricep: hold and move opposite leg. then opposite leg on stretched leg CR

Lunge sequence, then bent leg, feel what the body needs, gentle, boxing compass

Elbow cobra backbend, pull elbows back chest forward, sideways bends

Piriformis pigeon

Side bend girl seiza with lats pulling arm down

Cat/dog just feel what they feel like, no particular effort, follow line around floor seeking tail bending spine. Then with hands pull push/tuck arch. Arms forward, extend reaching hands on floor, then stretch muscles under arms by grabbing one arm.

Passive backbend over support (eg rolled towel or cushion), back on support, tuck tail to straighten lower back, support head, gently lower head, reach arms actively, lower tail to ground. To come out put fingers under head, tuck chin, raise head, roll off.

Hands clasped behind knees forward bend, leg straightening rotations & head to mid thigh

Badly done forward bend lower back via leg straightening

Sit and feel

Neck rotation

Neck sideways, pulling down with lats, roll forward stretch lift head up. Shrug shoulders

Head forward, turn look at other leg

Seated spinal rotation, shoulder back and down bent elbow.

Sit on sit bones, lean forward straight spine, bottom out, lean back, back forward relax tummy, hold hands, lift chest slightly, head back very slightly, side to side feeling where I am front back side to side, relax tummy relax completely, relax shoulders.

Ready to sit

Sincere thanks, AL

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I'm smiling over here, MT! Thank you, thank you, thank you (sounding like Cyrano de Bergerac here!). You are our ​very first customer for this new service.

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Ok so if anyone wants to embed the videos, you have to find the url that looks like:

h t t p : / / v i m e o . c o m / 9 3 0 4 7 5 1 4 (sorry had to put spaces between everything to stop it auto embedding)

If you use the url where the video is displaying on VOD, it won't work (you can see on my second test above).

https://vimeo.com/on...iation/93047514 <- this url won't embed properly

You'll notice the identifying number is the same, so it might be easiest to just grab the second url here, and delete everything between vimeo.com/ and the number at the end.

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So, MH, if the number is the same; aha: it's the https vs http that's the difference. Let's keep playing with this.

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the s usually stands for 'secure', and usually just points to the fact that I was logged into vimeo compared to logged out. I doubt it has an impact on the embedding, but let's test (we can delete all these posts later if necessary):

using h t t p : / / v i m e o . c o m / 9 3 0 4 7 5 1 4:

using h t t p s : / / v i m e o . c o m / 9 3 0 4 7 5 1 4

using h t t p : / / v i m e o . c o m / o n d e m a n d / h o w t o s i t f o r m e d i a t i o n / 9 3 0 4 7 5 1 4

using h t t p s : / / v i m e o . c o m / o n d e m a n d / h o w t o s i t f o r m e d i a t i o n / 9 3 0 4 7 5 1 4

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Not just me then... a modest comfort!

Tris, can you send me that code via email (or here; this is where we hang out!).


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Gah! I edited the code and now I can't get the embed code working again.

It might be something in the settings.

Kit: can you go into ACP -> Look & Feel -> BBCode Management -> Manage Media BBCode and see if there is something to enable for the media?

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simply tag the vimeo file with


it must be the direct url to the video, not one of the numerous pages that the video sits on. In the case of this particular video it is


IP board actually automatically puts the media code if it detects a media link, so all you really need is the vimeo link (but the direct one, make sure you remove the s from https if you are logged into vimeo when getting the url):

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I just followed along with this after doing my GB foundation training and feel amazing! Some of the positions were new and I had to play around a little to feel it where I needed to but my sitting position was improved considerably by the end. I'm really pleased with this so thanks Kit :D

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personal best on the Pike position after working the entire series of exercises taking my time on some tight spots.

My jaw dropped a little seeing your FB pic earlier this arvo - huge gain in ROM!

Had a play with a few of the progressions last night; fantastic! Looking forward to going through it properly.

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thanks for the compliments, bud :)

if i can manage to do the same focused work and really focus on the relaxing portion, i would like to see the same happen for pec minor on both shoulders(and especially to make that impigement feeling go away on my right shoulder.) ^_^

and then, on to getting acquainted with the next bottleneck! here's to deeper self awareness and relaxation! #cheers

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Thanks for the comments/compliments re.our first-ever pay download; the ST for GST programs will be better in many ways (I will mention just a few):

The How to Sit program was shot in a single, one hour take by me one morning—and no one was pointing the cameras, so the angles and closeups are not optimal. In the ST programs, we have three (sometimes four) cameras running simultaneously, and our editor will be cutting the exercises so that you get to see the detail you need, and at the angle that makes the most sense.

We have changed and significantly improved out audio recording technique; it's been a long experiment, but now we get incredible sound (by miking from overhead).

In the ST programs, we have used all the space (so ladder bars, floor, walls, etc.) plus some props.

And I am considering putting the Program documents (each exercise's images, and its essential cues) here, in PDF form, for direct free download—if we do go this route, discussion will be much easier.

Depending on how long to takes to edit the first program, I am thinking that releasing them one after the other will be the best way (and Master the full squat and hip mobility should be first, in my view, because the pike and the pancake programs need these elements).

Going back to the how to sit program: this is my personal approach to doing this, and I do it because I had to be able to sit comfortably, and my body did not want to do that. And this program contains all the exercises anyone would need for this activity—once you have worked through the program a few times, you will know which elements are most important to your body. Preparation, then, is doing just those few exercises, not the whole lot. In time, you will not need to do any at all: sitting will be one of your embodied patterns, like sitting on a chair.

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