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Valuable book for therapists and teachers

Jim Pickles

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Just got "Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology" by Karen Clippinger. If you dont know this one already, I suggest you might consider it as a very valuable supplementary resource for therapy and teaching.

I first came across it when looking for information on the knee, using a Google search - some pages of the book came up. It had all sorts of very useful detailed information that I could not find elsewhere.

It has only just arrived in the post, so I have not read it all in detail yet - but it lives up to its promise - valuable detailed information on how the body moves (including in subtle ways - the subtle twists and forces that occur during movements, which may underlie some pathological conditions), plus full information on all the muscles, pathology, subtle cues for movement, etc. Although its context is dance (and ballet in particular), the lessons are general.

For me, it will be a very valuable resource to expand my knowledge of the body. It cost $77 from The Book Depository (includes postage from the UK - took about a week to arrive) - or $52 from Amazon plus the cost of postage.


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