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ST for GST acronyms, abbreviations, and terms; please add your own

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Deep directionally speaking, I am going to try and channel Don Draper.

I was thinking more about the play on words.


I-like movement. (Move more like me. This being the me inside of me that Kit talks about)

I, like movement. (Movement is me.)

I like movement. (I like me.)

The memory of childhood time on the roof with my cat. I think there is something in this.




I think I finally understand the genius of Apple i-marketing ;). Thanks Kit for a place to air my thoughts and push myself and also for those who may have read.

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I like movement.

I am going to try and avoid flippancy here. This a simple encapsulation of where my life is heading, not about the domain name. The obviousness looms over that statement, but the fact is that I am coming from some deep immobility (habitual, employment related & embodied). The feeling I had yesterday was that the world needs badly the work that Kit & everyone here is doing.

So sincerely, thanks.

To keep this on topic ILM - I love movement.

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Andrew, the following that you wrote on another post I shall quote back at'cha:

I was pondering on the concept of "scary good" today, which I tried to define for myself:

The feeling when; an idea, ability, level of happiness, creation, work of art etc. becomes so relatively good that fears (of failure, success, 'losing it', fame, destruction of the creation etc.) manifest themselves. The next steps can be either this destruction of the goodness itself, or continued elevation to awesomeness.

That's poetry, for me, and (this probably needs a thread of its own) what you wrote here is the crux of the work. And we are all doing it, at the level we can do it at.

I started these forums with this hope in mind, that a core group would assemble itself around these values, and as a group, be able to lift themselves faster and better than any individual can on his/her own. I completely get what you have been saying.

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Hi, I suggest these too (I am using the abbreviations of few in my log already)

BSq - back squat

FSq - front squat

WM - windmill

HoR - hollow rocks

HiR - hinge row

BPr - bench press

DF - dragon flag

BAFS - bent arms frog stand

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