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short Youtube vid. posted; legs apart mobilisation (personal favourite)

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(Imagine HG's voice):

Hello sports fans! (I love that guy).

I just posted an excerpt from a long (1.25 hours) sequence that I taught at the National Convention late last year (How to get side splits; all the preparation elements; this was the same sequence that I took the pancake fascial release YT video from). This little video shows one of my favourite ways of loosening gracilis and the inner hammie; it can be done any time (as long as you are not too sore).

We will be releasing the whole program ("How to get side splits") as a download (this is not the same as Mastering the Pancake, which is being purpose-designed and shot in our studio in a few week's time) once we get some technical details sorted on the site. Here's the video:


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are you sitting on your heel with the bent under leg, or is the top of your foot flat against the floor?

I never warm up to demo anything on a workshop; and standing around talking always tightens my body up. Oh well.

In that position I am demoing, I have my right leg folded and sometimes I sit on the top of that leg so me weight is pressing the instep of that foot into the floor and sometimes I sit inside that leg so that both of my glutes are on the floor. That day I was particularly tight so I have my bottom on my lower leg and that leg's instep pointed out directly behind me.

Wow never thought to try it with only one leg at a time like that!


The reason I understand something about how to become more flexible is because my own body has always being tight everywhere. Now it's not, but I am still working to get it looser.

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