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Hi, I was thinking of taking a home study course in eating disorders and related with a wish to learn more about my eating psychology. I will try anything at the moment, like most people have. I am asking if anybody has done a course like this before and if it was of any benefit. I was looking at several other courses online like Stonebridge and bsy and I like this one. Your thoughts would be of help.


Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.

Thank you


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Hello Jackie,

This definitely is the right place for this post; all fine there.

I had a quick look at that linked site: the first thing that popped out at me was this:

Obesity and it's causes

Oh dear: if this is the level of scholarship of the course, it might be better to keep looking ("it's" always means "it is"; no exceptions). On the other hand, as this is such a common error these days, it might not mean much, either.

If you do decide to do this course, please report back here; we are all interested in this topic. Cheers, KL

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