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After surgery and radiotherapy

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I have been apprached by a massage therapist specialising in lymph drainage who has lots of recovering cancer patients. She wants me to work with a lady who has had a mastectomy, has fibrosis, limited arm movement, but otherwise healthy, fit, and does some pilates. She has deep fibrosis in the chest and ribs. She is having lymph drainage massage but long term physical imbalances have developed and a shoulder-drop on the affected side. Also with irradiated neck she has terrible trouble with neck rotators

There are other women in her group that have the same or similar issues and the therapist would like to combine ST work with hers for this group. The prevailing philosophy in the treatment of lymphedema is go slow and it is very important not to irritate or cause inflammation in any therapy because this then overloads the lymphatic system and aggravates the lymphedema. But, I think that if we could stretch the fibers, fascia and muscles and then directly after treat with MLD (lymph draainage massage) - which by its very nature is anti-inflammatory - we could get positive results. Should we try?

i already have thought about what particular stretches to do but would welcome anymore pro imput before I take this any further.

Any input, suggestions or recommendations?

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A definite 'yes' from me, but the remarks you made above re. going slowly and very very gently must be observed. Please advise the stretches you are thinking about too; the stick one done gently has helped others with this history. Cheers, KL

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