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Getting a flexible “Indian style” position for certain positions in jiu jitsu (hip flexibility issue, I think)

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Background: I have purchased and benefited from the Back Pain Course and the Stretch Therapy course quite a bit in the past, as I worked through various issues successfully. I’m very appreciative for the philosophy and approach. I have since become hooked on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have focused my workouts and flexibility training to a smaller set of exercises (hamstring and hip flexibility focused).

Position in question: I am having quite a bit of difficulty with the following position, illustrated by BJJ practioner Craig Jones in the attached images. The position is as follows: starting in the seated position in the first image, leading with your head you initiate a standup by “rolling” over your bottom leg and standing up. Note that his back is pretty straight here (or he wouldn’t be able to stand). This movement is done without putting hands on the floor, but just using the momentum of the head and limbs going forward.

When I try to do this, I find that my inflexibility is making this very difficult. In particular it is very hard to get my folded leg into position so that the calf touches the hamstring; and even if I can force this position manually, I have too much tilt in my torso to make this possible.

My question is: which stretches should I focus on to make this setup and movement easier?



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Hello @jwg: please attach a couple of images of you trying the same positions. I am very familiar with them. And welcome to the forums!

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