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Side Splits Bolster Recommendation?

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Hi, I have really limited range in side splits so I need a large bolster to be comfortable enough in that position to relax.

I’ve tried inflatable exercise balls but the instability of the ball makes it difficult to relax. Looking for other suggestions. Thanks for any ideas you have. 

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Hi Kit, I’m referring to Exercise 6 in Master the Pancake.

 Like this:image.thumb.png.b5f12264c09757dd9c68619a12b775fd.png

My crotch (there’s no less-weird reference) is about 80cm off the ground (estimated from memory). There’s just too much space under my legs for a bolster. 

Thanks for the help!

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Ah; OK.

Try a milk crate (what part of the world do you live in? You might not have these) with a cushion on top, or a narrow bench of the right height, also with bolster or cushion. And make sure that you try different amounts of external rotation – in the image above. For example, my feet are turned in so that they are about 45° in relation to the floor. When I'm doing this exercise for real for myself, I have the legs externally rotated, so that the feet are vertical, and sometimes just behind vertical. This makes the hip opening much easier.

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