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Training Partner in Newcastle

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Hi all,

I'm now living in and around Newcastle. I'm looking for a training partner to meet, say, once per week to do some partner-assisted C-R sessions. Saturday would be best for me but I'd possibly be able to make time on a Wednesday or Friday, too, if either were more suitable.

I've attended a ST teacher training course a few years ago but never completed the teaching hours. So I have an idea of the general approach. I don't have massive ROM but I have succeeded in drastically reducing the imbalances in my body, left to right, and am eager to now extend my ROM with a training partner with whom we can keep each other accountable.

Anyway, if anyone's slightly interested please get in touch and we could just try a session or two and go from there, without expectation or obligation to continue for whatever reason!


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Thanks for the link, Kit.

Actually, I was hoping for a training partner where we could support each other rather than going for a lesson. But I do appreciate your post. I haven't linked up with anyone yet. Any Novocastrians - I'm still around!

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