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Podcast on tendon injury and repair protocol

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Although this is from a golf podcast I found it a very clear explanation of tendon injury, how they protect themselves and repair.
I thought there was a lot of synergies with stretch therapy. I was reminded of @Kit_L comments about practice being ahead of the science, and science eventually catching up.
Also some very interesting thoughts on how (very) fast tendons can repair with the right protocols and post trauma approach


for anyone who doesnt use spotify for podcasts it's episode 29 of Fit for Golf by Mike Carroll. He is interviewing a Dr Keith Baar (@musclescience on Twitter).


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I posted something about his (Keith Barr's) tendon rehabilitation protocols a little while back (wow!  almost 5 years ago):

Very interesting stuff, relatively simple and very accessible: low but progressive load for a short period (~6 mins) + gelatine + vitamin C.  Also useful as a preventative protocol to build resistance to injury.

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