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Bursitis stretch?

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I've been having hip pain lately and was told that it is probably bursitis. I have previously purchased the Stretch Therapy Starter Course as well as the Overcome Back Pain Course. Could you recommend some lessons from these that I can do to help stretch the right area? Thanks!

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Hi Nick,

The specifics would depend on whether it were trochanteric bursitis or iliopsoas bursitis, but I would suggest just exploring the various hip stretches on your own to figure out what your body needs. Look for anything related to hips, hip flexors, or piriformis and gently explore the stretches. Program 16 from the Starter Course (Part 3) would be a very nice exploration if you can get into those positions; if not, choose similar exercises from earlier in the course. From the OBP course, you could try Exercises 3, 8, 9, and 10 for piriformis and Exercises 7 and 12 for hip flexors.

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