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Minor knee pain / adductor restriction in pancake progression

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Hi all, I have been focusing on mobility again recently and have a recurring issue with pancake / middle splits progressions.

When in pancake, when I hinge at the hips to move my body weight forwards, I feel a tightness and mild pain near to the right knee. I have used a partner to do the unlocking of the gracilis as per Kit's videos on YT. I've also done quite a lot of soft tissue work on the inner thigh with both a foam roller and a ball. After rolling this unlocks the area temporarily where I gain a greater pain-free range of motion. However, after some time spent there, the pain returns. From what I've read here and elsewhere this could be a ligament being stretched.

A few other things that may be of note:

1. When I roll the inner thigh around the VMO, this causes electric shocks that resonate down towards the shin/ankle area. Any idea what causes these sensations?

2. I'm generally quite tight in the adductors and try to do a lot of frog work and squashed frog work with a partner as i'm able to get into full range in this stretch without any restriction. I also do a lot of Emmet Louis horse stance as that's another way I can do middle splits type of work without feeling anything in the knees.

3. Only the pancake / middle splits stretch bring up this restriction, as squatting, hamstring stretches are all fine. FWIW, I don't do any middle splits stretches that cause the pain more just something I am aware of as this is an area I've had issues historically. 


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Re. your 1.: @thejanitor: the electric shock sensation may be that there's a nerve near the surface that you are pressing on; that will definitely create those kinds of sensations. This is not a problem, but avoid rolling on exactly that spot.

2. Please make an image of you in the squashed frog position; if you can get right down in this, it may be that you need to approach side splits a different way (in the squashed frog, the hips are neutral to slightly internally rotated and the knee is bent, so gracilis and the inner hamstrings are not stressed).

3. You might consider focussing on side splits rather than the pancake for now—if you do get all the way down in true side splits, then rolling forward onto your tummy from there will be no additional stretch (you'll roll forwards with the back of your legs on the floor to the insides of the legs).

To assist further, some pics please (tailor pose, squashed frog, your current horse stance, and show us what hip/leg position feels the most comfortable for your most comfortable side splits). 

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