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Cramping in feet?

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(Disclaimer - Not sure if this is the right place to post - I've purchased a couple programs from Stretch Therapy but this particular question surrounds a query unrelated to neither of those programs, and there doesn't seem to be any spot in the forums to ask about things unrelated, such a a General Questions area)

Many years ago while working retail I developed a serious case of plantar fasciitis and could barely stand on my own feet. After months of careful, gentle stretching, I've always made sure to wear good shoes like Finn Comfort, and Haflinger slippers around the house.. seriously, I'd recommend these to anyone looking for stellar house shoes!

I've always had occasional cramping in the soles of my feet, but over the last year or so have realized that I can trigger spasms and painful cramps simply by raising my big toe and lowering my remaining toes.. I have difficulty exercising or even massaging my feet because this cramping/spasming is triggered regularly through the activity. It isn't a problem (thankfully) during regular walking, but does trigger when sleeping and my feet are twitching or moving during sleep.

I found Kit's detailed Foot Awakening Sequence on YouTube, but before I start into it, want to share that I don't believe flat footedness or overpronation is my issue.. can I use this sequence for any foot related  maladies I am looking to improve? Are there some other super gentle methods I can use to soothe the muscles in my feet to the point where I can graduate to other stretching programs like the ones I've invested in?

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Hi Jon,

The foot awakening sequence is great for anyone looking to work on their feet. Just be as gentle as you need to be, and increase the intensity as you can. You might try rolling the soles of your feet, gently at first and gradually increasing the intensity, with some kind of soft ball, small foam roller, etc. You can use a golf ball if you're feeling masochistic :lol: Doing this before working on the feet can help relax and loosen up the tissues a bit, allowing you to do more with less cramping. That said, you might also play with allowing the cramps from time to time. If you can be okay with the cramping and allow it to run its course, this will often lead to less cramping in the future (and some soreness the first few times!).

As an aside, we're generally not fans of "good shoes" here. You can search for terms like "barefoot," "shoes," etc. and you will probably find quite a bit of discussion around the topic.

Let us know how the awakening sequence goes!

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Add "minimalist footwear" to that search list, too.

On 1/15/2022 at 2:26 AM, Jon Moore said:

can I use this sequence for any foot related  maladies I am looking to improve?

Yes. The foot sequence is a universal panacea: over or under-pronation (rigid feet) can be helped by using it. 

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Thanks guys. 

Since my plantar fasciitis, going barefoot for longer than 45 mins to an hour starts to cause discomfort that, if left unsupported, will flare back into not being able to walk properly for days or weeks. 

I have nothing against those who wish to be barefoot, it just doesn't work well for me any more after over a decade of retail and about twice that rock climbing! I'll think twice before recommending any footwear again, wouldn't want to rile the masses! 

Thanks for the encouragement, I have a set of Rad Rollers I love to use, and will try and let the the cramp run its course some day when I'm feeling particularly masochistic! 

I'll work on the sequence weekly and see if I get any improvement! 

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