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Hi Olivia! This is super helpful and thank you for posting / sharing these?

I wonder if there is a fascia release exercise (maybe with a partner) for the lower back / glutes area? Or is it the pancake one that you linked to? No need to respond urgently, as I'm sure you're busy, but it would be amazing to see this topic featured later; every single of my friends I referred to your site actually struggles with the lower back, so I'm sure it will be very well received.

Thank you!

Olivia's reply:

Assuming you have watched the thoracic fascial release, note that Kit worked on the whole of my back, including the lower back – in doing this, he (we) found that the most stuck part in my body was the middle back (thoracic), hence the name of the video. The bigger point about this release is that, in doing forward bends like the pike position I'm in in the video, I felt that the restriction was in my calves – a muscular/neural restriction –  but actually the restriction was upstream of that, in the middle back.

The pancake video is a release for gracilis–inner hamstrings.

I know from your separate email to Kit that you have both the Starter and Overcome Back Pain Courses. Please focus on working with the material in those and see how that changes your body, including your lower back and glutes. Related to my point above, and as our long experience with working with tens of thousands of students, exploring all ranges of movement and identifying then redressing left–right asymmetries is sufficient to making one's body completely comfortable. The key here is do the work, pay attention to the feelings and your capacity to relax, with no regard for the outcome: in a few months you will be living in a different body.

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