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Overlap between “Overcome Back Pain” and “Starter Stretch”

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I have been doing “Starter Stretch” for quite a while and am considering buying the “Overcoming back pain”. When I looked at the exercise list, it seemed like quite a few of the exercises overlapped (seemed like half, but I might be off). So I’m a bit confused as to whether there is a lot of unique content in OBP

Is that correct? Would you recommend getting both and alternating days? Or just doing one of them at a time, since it seems like you recommend taking breaks between stretching days? Or continuing with the “Starter Stretch”? 


EDIT: a follow-up question - if stretching should be done every other day, what do you recommend doing on "off" days? RollStretch like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etzby7viJM8? Or bodyweight? Or just a rest day? 

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