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Should i do other stretch programmes as well

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Hi there 


 I have just joined this programe and have done a couple of the first exercises. I am already doing a couple of other programmes- Gymnastic bodies Stretch programme ( most of which I cant do but gives me a good workout), and Lucas Rockwoods gravity Yoga- which is 15 minutes of deep stretching over 5 days. Would i be better to not do those alongside this one. I feel I am getting some benefit from the GY sessions, several people on his ( Lucas rockwood) forum have recommended this - which is how i ended up here . Im 55, not very bendy but not as stiff as an oak..I do a lot of walking and am fairly active but i don't do any gym type stuff.


ps, some of the pictures on the catchpa are really difficult to identify !. It has taken me ages to submit this, then it told me that my email address is not available and logged me out!

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Hey there,

Welcome to the forums! Sorry you had trouble with the Captcha images. Unfortunately, those are generated by the service and not something we can change. Of course, being difficult to decipher is the whole point, but sometimes it seems impossible. For future reference, there is usually a link to refresh with a new image if you're finding one particularly impossible. Glad you made it here, though!

14 hours ago, Lucyno3 said:

Would i be better to not do those alongside this one.

Stretch Therapy is a complete system. I believe the other two you mentioned are supposed to be complete systems as well. (I'm not really familiar with GY.) If you did all three systems as designed, you would essentially be doing three times the amount of work you were meant to be doing. You might be able to combine the principles, techniques, and movements in a way that benefits you if you were very familiar with the systems and your own body/needs, but to become familiar with a system and evaluate it properly, you need to commit to doing that system as designed for some time.

If you want the best results, then I suggest you choose one system and commit to doing it as designed for at least three months. (I personally recommend choosing ST, but I'm biased!) Otherwise, you will have no idea what did or didn't work and why. However, if you just want to play around with different systems and that's what you enjoy doing, then there's nothing wrong with that, either. Just be clear about your goals and intentions, and set your expectations appropriately.

Hope that makes sense!

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Hello. I am sure Nathan, Kit and others on the forum are much more knowledgeable than I, but just a word of caution on overdoing stuff. I am about your age, fairly fit and active. I started the ST program, probably to eager as I found it both fun and motivating. Additionally I did a lot of floor sitting in various, for me challenging positions during my normal days. The reason for starting the ST program was to be able to sit on the floor with good position in the first place. I have probably been to eager, and maybe given myself some hip problems due to my eagerness. I am now work on fixing this to be able to effectively continue stretching the ST system. 

The ST system is quite powerful, and old bodies like ours must be careful not to rush into new positions, or overdoing our effort :). Good luck with your stretching!


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Hi Lucyno, I am just a practitioner here, not a coach or anything. But maybe it could be helpful if I share my experience with you:

But I've been doing Gravity Yoga for about a year as well. I always had problems with my flexiblity which got a bit more serious a while ago. I started doing things I know (mostly "moblity") on a more regluar basis and with the support of a PT. In lockdown last march I looked for a new input and found Gravity Yoga. It was great for me at that time, I had a lot of time left and for a couple of weeks I did (about) everything everyday.
I also did the hip challenge, but I felt that it does not help me in the way the basic Gravity Yoga does.

After lockdown, I went back to the prescribed 15min/day of GY. While my flexibliity improved in some parts of my body, in others, especially the hips, nothing happened (after about 8 month). I felt that the long passive stretches don't lead me anywhere concerning my hips and looked for another approach. This is how I found Stretchtherapy. The program (I do basically hip stuff around pancake), this forum and the very kind support of Nathan and Kit helped me discover a way to loosen up my hips. I am just starthing this, though, but I'm very happy with the way I can work.

So at the moment (another lockdown...) I do between 15min and about 1hr of Stretchtherapy/day, all around my hips. AND I do every day one, two or three GY stretches for shoulders, wrists, ankles, spine etc. I cancelled some of the  GY stretches completely because they either didn't not help or caused me some problems.

For me it gets very well alongside, but I have a lot of time at the moment. I'll see where it leads...

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Thanks all for your really helpful replies. 


 I have also bought Kits stretching book- and the stretches in there seem quite  different to the ones on my beginner programme. I guess I'll just have to find a way to build my own programme.


  I have realized that i  really do need to jon a class. there dont appear to be many teachers in teh UK, would anyone know if there are any online classes /workshops available? i just feel that i need someone to direct me.


 many thanks

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