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Strength/Endurance issues on Part 3

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I have been running the program for a while now and been loving the stretches and the modifications to make it harder/easier for the first 2 parts. However I've been trying to do some of the Part 3 sequences such as Program 16/17 and I've been having trouble. When I try to follow along with Kit getting into some of these positions and holding them is just exhausting and then I hear Kit telling me that we are now setup for the stretch haha. Some stuff things like the hip stretches in program 16/17 I struggle to hold my lunge position even with a support (as in program 17) from a strength point of view.


In terms of modifications for the endurance should I just watch the video over once and repeat it at a shorter duration until I can get the endurance built up? Or are there ways to make things easier? And in terms of things like the hip stretches am I just doing it wrong? It's just felt like a bigger jump then part 1->2 was and I don't know how to adjust.

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Welcome, Ybool.

Work on the easier programs, and the necessary flexibility will come. How long have you been working on these programs, to this point?

If you find getting into, and holding, a position exhausting, then it's just too hard for you right now. This will change. It took me five years to be able to get my knees to the ground in the tailor pose! But this is why I understand something about how to do these poses – because getting them initially was a massive struggle in the face of not having explicit techniques to address the resistance. We have those techniques now. For example, there is a detailed tutorial on the tailor pose on YouTube that can provide a major breakthrough if this is a problem for you:


If you can include screenshots of the pose that you are having the most difficulty with, I might be able to help a bit more.


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