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Straddle progress - will I ever make it?

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I use a straddle stretch machine - each time, I measure and record how near a straight line my legs are (the distance to the front of the pelvis from a straight line running between the front of the ankles). I realise I can easily plot my "progress" over time. The graph below shows this distance (in cm: vertical axis) as a function of the session number (horizontal axis) - the sessions may be weekly,  or (rarely) more often, though commonly about 10 - 14 days apart, but sometimes a few weeks apart, depending on what I'm doing. Among all the scatter, there does seem to be some slow progress - maybe I'll be in a perfect straight line in another 50 sessions (maybe 1-2 years). We shall see (at the moment, I seem to average about 6 cm away from a straight line).

Sometimes (e.g. as in one of Kit's classes) I might have seemed closer to a straight line than this, but that was because the forces were applied to the feet and my knees can bend sidways a bit if this is done - not a good idea, as this will destabilise the knees. That is why I use a straddle machine, as the force is applied directly to the knees, not the feet.

The scatter in the results comes not only from true variations from day to day (I only go as far as feels right that day), but measurement error, as errors of a few cm add a lot to the variability.

Straddle progress Nov 2011.jpg

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