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Hi Kit and Olivia,

I just wanted to post a big thank you. I hope this is the right space.

I read one of Kit's books years ago and realised I had similar issues, a history of self-defence training, twisted pelvis when my back was in spasm I have a question mark spine. I found this course recently and absolutely love it, nil offence towards the book but seeing the stretches and being talked through them is magic. 

I feel like Olivia has a hidden camera in my house and tells me exactly what I'm doing wrong (try to relax your belly etc)... How do you know Olivia? haha.

My issues are a terrible right hip flexor and I'm working hard on my glutes, hamstrings and a few other muscles. 

I just wanted to say thanks, it's not just stretching for health and lifestyle, it also provides peace like a yoga or relaxation session. 

So, thank you both, love your work.


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Sincere thanks for that, Nicko. Let's hope we can help you with those other things.

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